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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm terrified at the moment. A black line appeared on my pointing finger nail and it terrifed me. I'm scared it might be Melanoma, It's grey and not black like all the photos I've seen but I'm still scared!

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Before worrying about something on your finger nail being cancerous yiu should deff look up the symptoms of melanoma nothing states you get a grey or black line on the finger nail.. its all about MOLES

With that being said your okay buddy its your fingernail nothing to be alarmed about maybe you scratched it with a frey object?

I have white "cloud" looking like dots on my nails it doesnt worry me its the nail it doesnt hurt or anything dont worry about it bud

Just please the worse thing you can docis begin to worry abot every little nick and cranny rhats how you aquire health anxiety and thats never fun path when it comes to anxiety always remember if your TRULY CONCERNED call and make an appointment with your doctor

Thanks, but here's the funny thing. Google said melanoma can be under the fingernail and make a grey line like the the one I showed in the picture.

Hmm well never google stuff either thats a big no no otherwise we worry about domeyhing that we shouldnt need to worry about

Hi ,

This does not look like melanoma of the nail. the line is usually much much thicker and much darker and a little less symetrical and defined.

This looks like a bruise of the nail .wich always shoes up as a fine dark line or splinter type line. Also in melanoma of the nail ,the skin becomes darkened in color ar the skin before the nail begins to grow.Some people can have a line throught their nail due to ageing, it can be heriditary or it can be due tp psoriasis or simply trauma from some forgotten knock to the nail. Good luck

Wait so there is such a thing?!?! Melenoma of the nail?! Times have changed

Its actually a melanoma of the skin bed under the nail when u have a melano.which this isnt .

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Thanks :-)

Visit your doctor for advice - we are not health professionals. Googling symptoms and seeking reassurance will only make your anxiety worse. Are you having counselling/cbt? X

ive got a little black dot on my bottom lip.i was worried about it but the doctor said its nothing to worry about.maybe to much coffee.hope its not serious.

this could be a symptom of a disease, but my nials have white spots sometimes and i'm OK, so i don't think this is a reason for panic, but if this scary you so much, go to a doctor, he would know what to do

It could just be stain on the linear ridge of your nail or you may have injured it somehow. Please don't worry, worry doesn't do a bit of good.

try scrubbing with a nail brush to see if it comes off. Maybe a neighborhood Pharmacist could diagnose if you are scared of doctors.

On any meds?

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