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Really scared please help


So now I’m scared because I saw a black cat at night sitting on the porch across the street walking pass but yk all the superstitions about black cats and now I’m really scared even tho I have my own black cat that cat wasn’t mine I’m freaking out now I think I have bad luck

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Thank you I said that I saw black cats before many times and I own one and I never thought this deep into it until now

Maybe you had something bad happen to you recently, and that's put you on edge? I used to do this a lot, to the point of being OCD. I had to repeat an act over and over 6 times or something bad could happen, or have the radio/tv on a certain number. I got so used to bad things happening that I actually thought that stuff like that would cause more chaos. Sometimes I still get like that. You have to remind yourself to relax, and think about your cat, and how nothing bad happens when it walks infront of you. Little things like that. Hopes this helps. Stay positive! I'm here if you need a friend.

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Kat_21

Thank you I did the same thing with numbers and everything

Kat_21 in reply to Zhiyah1012

It sucks. Especially when you're in public and you have to take a certain amount of steps, or make sure you don't touch anything so you don't have to do it over and over again. People look at you weird when you touch a vending machine with your shoulder 6 times over and over again. 🙄

But realizing that it's just in my head and readjusting my mindset to know that that's not what causes bad things to happen, really helped.

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Kat_21

Exactly sometimes I usually just forget about it and think back like that was silly

Kat_21 in reply to Zhiyah1012

Lol, are you feeling any better now?

Zhiyah1012 in reply to Kat_21

A little it’s just a lot been going on lately I’m always looking for someone to be worried about

I do think I always have to be worried thank you I will

I have a black cat and he is amazing.

He is my healer and best friend and also beautifully handsome <3

We have such a beautiful bond.

Please don't believe nonsense like that.

Black cats are my favourite. They truly are the most special in my eyes :)

Me too and I have one and I love him very much

Ik I’ve already been dealing with insomnia makes everything worse and I don’t take medication I don’t want to rely on it To be myself again so I’m just taking it step at a time thank you tho

Superstitions only have the power you give them hon.

I take all these stupid superstitions with a pinch of salt, it is a load of rubbish.

I don’t believe in non of that stuff, my kids said we have ghosts in our house. The mind is a powerful thing it can convince you of anything. If things happen it because it’s just a coincidence. Seems like this is affecting your everyday life, maybe get counseling? 🙏😷

Ok you need to slap yourself and stop it.

Hi. Please stop and breathe. Your anxiety and ocd and brain is getting the better of you. Just shout at your anxiousness and tell it to go away for a bit while you breathe ( it does work ). Black cats or any other animal are not bad luck. And the covid animals in the news at the moment have had it passed onto them for humans. Take care .

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