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Off of all medication

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Off of klonopin. Was prescribed buspar but of course I'm so sensitive to meds i can't take that either. Soo I went back to the doctor mainly about my hiatal hernia pain, but he brought up the fact that I have adrenaline built up in my body that decides to release at random. So he said I could start a very low dose of bp medication.. even though my bp is fine he said would hep.... or I could start exercisingmore.

He said I need to make my heart rate go up on my own and get all the adrenaline out of me. Bc for the longest time i would be in fight or flight mode, but I would obviously never flight. Lol

Idk. I'm gonna go run when my husband gets home. It makes sense.

He also prescribed me flexiril to relax my poor right chest muscles.

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