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I want to get off of my medications


Throughout my anxiety journey I've been on probably around 20 different psych meds. None of them ever seemed to really help, but they all gave me their own side effects, lol. Xanax helps of course, but I'm very dependent on it now. I've been taking it daily for a few years and I would like to just get off of it and see how I feel. I'm also on prozac and imipramine. I'm pretty sure all these drugs really do for me is make me feel foggy headed and out of it. I'm sure medications work really well for some people but after trying them for about 3 years with no positive results it seems like it's not the path for me. I'm going to talk to my psychiatrist and see if we can come up with a plan together to get off of everything safely. My only fear is that I'm wrong and once I get off the meds I'll go totally crazy!! I've been on them for so long that the idea of not being on any medication is scary.

Anyone else realize medication wasn't for them? What were you taking and how hard was it to get off of it?

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Oh someone5673, I certainly knew after 30 years on Xanax (low dose) and then switched to Ativan, that this was no longer the way to go. Told my psychiatrist, I wanted off of Benzos, we used the Dr. Heather Ashton Method in weaning. A highly reputable doctor who was known for her safe and effective way of getting off benzos.

It can be done. Takes time, patience and belief in that something better is waiting for you at the end. And it is someone, No longer tired, no longer foggy headed. I'm clear minded for the first time in 30 years. It's a good feeling. Medications have their place but when that time is over, it's up to us to learn other methods in dealing with stress and symptoms.

Good Luck and let me know if I can help support you in any way. xx

someone5673 in reply to Agora1

Thank you Agora, I always appreciate your responses and advice. (: <3

Hi Someone5673,

I wish you every bit of luck in your attempt to come off meds.

Some background information and a schedule to consider at the link


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blackcat64013, thank you for posting it. :) x

You're welcome.

I find that having some idea what's involved before the appointment means you can make better use of the time available with any health professional and contributes to better decision making.

I've been taking Gabapentin. I'm sure it's one of the 20 diff. meds you've already taken. I take 600 mg, 3-4 x's per day and it def. seems to take the edge off. I've even missed days where I felt a slight difference in mood but i think it lasted in my system long enough to get to the next dose. If you haven't yet tried it you might want to ask your psych about it. I think it's way easier to titrate off it than any highly addictive meds like benzos, etc., which was really tough for me during my last episode. In any case, best of luck with it.

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