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I just want to swear off medication..


I'm going to talk to my psychiatrist about weaning off all of my meds. I've been on at least 10 medications and none have worked, and the side-effects have been CRAZY. Right now I'm on Brintellix and I honestly feel like I'm losing my mind. Can't remember anything, feel like I'm living in a dream, and I feel really heavy, like gravity's pushing me down too hard. I take Xanax, which used to really really help with the anxiety, but after a month it stops working and the psychiatrist has to up the dose. It's gotten to the point where I can pretty much take as much as I want and it doesn't work, unless I completely dope myself up. So now I'm addicted to xanax (thanks doc). I've also heard that long-term use of xanax makes your anxiety much worse in the long-run, because your body starts to crave it, and you have panic attacks whenever it isn't in your system, which is what's been happening to me lately. I feel so down because I feel like MEDICINE is supposed to help you and if it doesn't help me, then what will? Am I just going to get more and more anxious and dissociated until I go crazy? The only thing I know for sure is that I'm sick of meds, they do NOT work for me. Has anyone else done this? Did you get better or worse? Right now I'm at the lowest of the low, I cannot function. Can't leave my room.

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For me personally I don't like medication as such but in some cases it can be a life saver

Sounds like you know your own mind and if you feel the treatment you are getting is really unsuitable you have every right to ask to be weaned of them and you should speak up if that is how you feel

Have you tried therapy ?

When we have severe anxiety we do usually need something maybe you could discuss other options other than meds when you go for your appointment

Try not to think there are no answers for you because there is for everyone it is just finding the right one to help us and that can sometimes take a while

Set yourself little goals to maybe get out of bed no matter how much a chore it feels if you can start getting up and getting dressed during the day that alone may possibly make you feel better , I think we can help ourselves to a certain extent even if we have to dig deep to find the motivation

I hope you get a good result and the right treatment for you :-)

Take Care x


Hi. Sorry to hear of your distress. Your situation is exactly why I would never advocate medication as a 'cure' for anxiety. It is not. Medication can be useful in the short term for some people who need to stabilise before beginning therapy. Long term use is only dealing with the symptoms and not the real problem, and even then it does not even always do that, as your case shows. However, it is never good just to stop taking things you have been using for some time. Tell your doctor how you feel and ask for alternative solutions - therapy for example. We dont allow doctors to treat just symptoms when it comes to physical health, neither should we allow that when it comes to mental/emotional health. But as I said, dont just stop medication before seeking your doctors advice. I wish you well.

Hi,my experience of medication the past few years especially has been hell so I understand where your coming from.The side effects were worse than the illness,I was crying ,anxious,depressed,frightenedetc.The shrinks kept changing my medication and nothing worked.Now ive cut down to 30mg duloxetine and although i will never be completely ok i feel a hundred times better.I have come to accept i will always have mental health problems and just try and cope


I was left on Xanax (smallest dose) way too long. Started getting crying jags, shaking and in and out of anxiety. Psychiatrist said I was in withdrawal and yet I was still on that small dose. He said after so many years your body wants more and more. I decided then I needed to get off this drug. It took over 2 years of withdrawal symptoms I never want to have again. The anxiety and fear get better each day now that I have been off the benzos for close to 500 days. It's a hard struggle but the drugs were making me worse, so I felt I had no options. I'm glad I decided to stop the meds.

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