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): help

i went to see my doctor the other day about my heart again, i told her everything that was going on, with the skips and jumps, pains in chest and arm she said theres nothing wrong with my heart and said my 24 hour heart monitor was fine. but ive just woken up with a sore thorat, achyiing everywhere and i feel really ill.. its really worrying me plus ive just gotten over a cold like 2 weeks ago so it cant be that...

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Sometimes things just the way they are. You've worried about so much over the last few weeks.

All I can offer is that we have bad days and good ones,


Hi it's cause of all the stress and anxiety you're feeling. Your immune system is down so your cold hasn't left you yet. Take vitamins and drink lots of fluids. Try to believe your Doctor that your heart is fine and you've had all the tests showing that too.


But how's the missed heart beats today? The rest is just more anxiety symptoms which that book would help you with tremendously. Did you get a result from that other test you were worried about?


the same.. i woke up feeling like this about an hour ago my heart is fluttering bad but i am worried.. yeah all the hiv test is fine and the heart monitor is fine


Its all very well your doctor saying your hearts fine but you won't be happy till you get a referral to see a specialist, sometimes you have to pester doctors to get what you want, tell her you have the missed beats all the time, exaggerate a bit, if me I would go back and become a nuisance so she sends you for a referral to a specialist just to get you off her back. But all these symptoms are just symptoms of an over sensitised nervous system and that problem needs to be addressed by your doctor either through meds, talking therapy and/or a good self help book. You'll get there in the end, promise.


I have non stop pvc for the last 2 days, so annoying. They were gone for awhile and now they are back. Hard ones little ones you bam it.. I’m so over it


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