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How do u deal

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How do you tell someone that you talk to everyday when asked how have your day went? Without betraying your own true feelings umm ive been having these weird head sensations? But instead you pause & say oh its been going ok! But you know its a lie. They know u deal with aniexty but you just dont want to keep telling them everyday about your symptoms when you get tired of talking about them yourself! So tired of these weird head sensations 😟(venting)

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Hi Gloria,

That's an interesting question.

I think it depends on who is doing the asking - my reply would depend on if the person was a mental health professional, another person who is knowledgeable about my condition or just a friendly questioner. It's also about where you are at the time, in a coffee shop is different from a private home to work or school.

An option is to work on a sentence or two that you feel comfortable with and can role out for any unplanned occasion.

Hope this helps :)

Thanks for your reply but i dont think you understood my post this post was aiming at tired of talking about aniexty but you want to share your day with but you get tired of saying. But u betraying yourself by not telling how u really feel & this is a person that you talk to daily & trust. On the phone this the best i can explain it

Hi Gloria,

I think I have got it - you are feeling one thing but not feeling able to speak 100% honestly with your trusted person.

You might have to challenge your thinking - ask yourself why I do this and what purpose does this serve?

The Purpose Fairy has written on this very subject

Yes. I know why i do it because i dont want to talk about aniexty all the time but they did ask how was i doing

I think I understand your always having anxiety issues so when somebody asks how's your day that's the only thing you have is to talk about your anxiety maybe afraid people will get tired of hearing it so you lie to save the convo. If that's it yes I totally get it!! I myself do the same thing I'm always experiencing anxiety but I don't always want to bother people with my same ol issues so I lie... Yea I do feel horrible and fake sometimes and it confussed some people cause when I did vent about it with them they kinda seem like they doubt how severe it is because I have already put on the I'm great mask

Yess!! Thats exactly what i"m saying & it makes you feel bad because you know u crying in the inside! Yess! You gett it

Hi Gloria,

You're right - in general people just ask that to be polite/pass the time of day. If we all told them how we really felt they might not ask again!!

If its a genuine friend, close relative or health professional then I'd possibly tell then how i really felt.


I found for me the simplest way is to say, OK was today better or worse then yesterday or the last time I saw them. Then if I answer doing ok, or had better days, or stressed out. I'm being honest from the last time I saw them.

If I’m struggling I say I’m struggling. Usually they understand. If not then it’s ok to say what’s going on. If they didn’t care they wouldn’t ask. You don’t have to be self conscious about it. It’s your journey, just be honest with them.

If you speak to this person everyday, then tell them..tell them lately you've been like this and like that..if you see they don't respond then don't raise it up again and go back to the usual..I would definately say something..

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