New Job, major promotion gitters!

Hi loves, beautiful ppl. We are alive! We made it another day. Yes!😆

So, next week I start a new position, a promotional position from within my current company. I am excited and gittery only because I want to do well. 💆🏽

The gag is, I took this job because I want to finally face my fears head on. I have been working in Healthcare for many years and I have always been on the administrative side of the spectrum... now I going on the clinical side in the End of Life department. I will be working closely with patients who are very ill and only have 6 months or less to live. I am taking this opportunity to heavily pray for these ppl, their families, and be a support for them in this tough time of sadness (this is not the nature of my job but the reason why I took this huge role).

So, as you imagine! I have a heavy heart and a lot to be gittery about. But! This will be good for me. This will humanize me more than my anxiety has and allow me to take another step on recovery from this battle of the mind.


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  • I start a new job tomorrow and so nervous aha! But go you 🙌

  • Congrats!!🙌🏾

  • Thank you 😊

  • Lalakeyss, I admire you in taking that step. It's not for everyone. But having used medical care for patients myself, I can say it will be a very humbling experience. You will actually learn from people who will show their strength in their final days. There is a peace and calm and acceptance that comes over them. All that you worry about irrationally everyday will take a back seat. Seeing life/death unfold before your eyes can be what you need to be grateful for every moment we have each day. Living each day and not waiting for tomorrow to tell someone you love them or forgive the person who has hurt you, is an experience waiting to happen.

    These people will bring you closer to your own spirituality as well as mortality. We are born, we live our lives and we die. It is important what we do and accomplish in those years between birth and death. I wish you well in your new position. Let us know with updates how you are doing. xx

  • Thank you and you took the words right out of my mouth- it will definitely allow my worries about absolutely nothing of importance to take a back seat. I will definitely be updating you all through my new journey.❤️

  • I'll be waiting to hear about your new journey Lalakeyss..

    My best to you, Agora1 xx

  • Awesome. Good luck. You won’t need it of course.

  • Thank you TruthSi72!❤️

  • Congrats u got this

  • Thanks girlie!🙌🏾

  • Great news on starting a new job!!xx

  • Thanks!!!❤️

  • Hi Lalakeyss- all the best w ur new job. Question: what do u mean when u say "this is not the nature of my job but the reason I took this huge role"? Just curious what u mean by that. All the best

  • Hi thank you. What I meant was that the nature of the job doesn't allow me to pray in the rooms with the patient (as I am not a chaplain with the hospital), but I am making it a duty to pray for these patients and their families on my own time.

  • Understood that's what I thought u meant. How beautiful that is.

  • Also, I want to be a listening ear and able to hold their hands if they want for support. These gestures are not in the job title.

  • U seem like a genuinely beautiful soul

  • Thank you ActionChaz!!❤️

  • You have the right attitude that will eventually see off anxiety. Feel the fear and do it anyway, to quote a book title. I suppose it does have its limitations and may not be sound advice such as jumping out of a plane with no parachute or eating one of my daughter’s cupcakes 😉 but will pay dividends as far as overcoming anxiety is concerned. Onwards and upwards!

  • Lol! Eating one of your daughters cupcakes! That's funny. Thank you!

  • She is improving and not costing me so much money in smoke detector batteries. I’m on first name terms with the local fire crew.

  • Haha! 😂

  • For a while, I thought the ringing in my ears was tinnitus but disappeared whenever my daughter wasn’t baking. She’s 11 and love her to bits.

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