job los becuase of anxiety

hey i am jaen i have anxiety for more than 2 years now and it changed me for the worst i just want to know how do other sufferers work a full time job with anxiet i have lost my job because of this i have a wife and 2 girls under 6 and i have been working for the same compny for 6 years so i know im not lazy but sins anxity came in to my life i lost my job i found job now i need to start in 4 days i was feeling good for about 3 months and yesterday it started again i feel sceard i cant falk asleep my cheast is tight i cant swallow i dont know wat to do


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  • Jaen, everybody is more anxious than normal when starting a new job and because people with anxiety disorder find their anxiety magnified ten fold we feel the anxiety even more. According to Claire Weekes who wrote the popular self-help book "Self help with your nerves" we should simply Accept the bad feelings for the time being and by accepting them we stop flooding our nervous system with fear which maintains us in a state of nervous sensitisation. When it comes to working whilst feeling nervous symptoms she suggests what she calls 'floating' which means switching onto automatic pilot and just carrying on the way you have done before, the combination if Acceptance and Floating are a powerful duo in helping us recover from anxiety disorder. If you've had this problem for 2 years I recommend you get a copy of her book from Amazon as it will bring you understanding, reassurance and a path to recovery.

    The symptoms you mention that you have now are very common (almost 'normal') symptoms of anxiety and they cannot cause you physical harm so just accept them for the moment and get on with your new job just as thousands do every day. You will find the new job distracts you from your nervous symptoms and by the end of the first day you will wonder why you worried. Nobody should lose their job because they are exoeriencing anxiety, you are well rid of your previous employer.

    I believe everything will go well when you start in your new job, a new begining in your career and a new beginning in how you respond to anxiety - NOT with ever increasing amounts of fear but just by accepting the bad feelings and carrying on any way. You will do it no problem, everything will be fine, it always is in these situations, we fear the worse but the reality is much better than we feared.

  • i also whant to know if there is other people that also have alot of flem sins anxiety started it feels like i cant get rid of all the flem and the sleep i cant sleep enymore and im always tierd more than before and the big qestion are there people on this site that recoverd from anxiety after along time

  • jaen, the answer to your questions is "YES" to everyone of them. x

  • even the flem

  • thanx good to know im not alone what wil people say is the top 5 best self help things to do to recover

  • jaen, even the phlegm. Nervousness causes a lot of different symptoms, this just being one of them. I notice when I have milk based products, it tends to get worse but is not dangerous. Seeing your doctor is always advised if it becomes a problem or you have fever and sore throat. x

  • tanx ill do that

  • Hi Jaen,

    I second Jeff's recommendation that Claire Weekes is an excellent self-help resource.

    If you need some professional help, check with your employer about their employee assistance program (EAP). Usually you get a few free confidential sessions of talking therapy with a clinical psychologist to see you through.

  • You're not alone.

  • Hi Jane I'm thinking about u. Anxiety can b so destructive to normal daily living. My anxiety fluctuates. I cannot cope anxiety-wise if I'm in the company of more than one person and that's ok. I'm most relaxed in my own company. If I feel an anxiety attack coming on I take deep breaths and focus on my breathing. When it's very bad I ask God for help. X

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