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Anxiety nightmares?

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So I had a nightmare last night where I was what I can only assume to be a mental patient hullucinating within my dream? If that makes any sense, I was walking downtown and in my city there's a transit station so I went there to use the bathroom from there I went to a bus stop outside and up the street from the transit & was fixing my pants when some random lady came up from behind a bush πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ asking me what I was doing and telling me not to move. She pulled out the walkie and said some sort of code before once again reaching into her pocket for a syringe I tried telling her countless of times that i was just waiting for the bus but she wasn't having it she proceeded to try and pursue me aiming for any part of my body. Most noticing my legs I eventually was able to knock them out of her hand in which she ran off screaming into the walkie and I hauled ass crazy thing is I noticed I wasn't outside anymore but in a huge poorly lit room like an auditorium or lunch room after hours. I ran through the double doors into a bright hallway and proceeded to run eventually I got to a point where I noticed my legs were getting weak to a point where I couldn't run anymore soon my body started stiffing and the only thing I had control of was my hands in which I checked my heart rate and my heart was beating super fast I collapsed and everything went dark I then woke up to my heart beating fast and out of control, i woke up and of course being the hypochondriac that I am googled it and seen it was possibly night terrors and immediately accepted it, that is until today where I found out that that night terrors runs deeper than this? Now I fear I could've possibly borderline been going into a diabetic coma. I've had this happen 3 times now! and I wanted to know has anyone else possibly experienced these strange attacks and what I could do to avoid or at least ease them?

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I had the same last night one of the worst dreams I ever had . Went back and had another. Luckily I'm not trying to remember it as it was only a dream. But it's put me in a state this morning. Trying to battle on but so hard . I feel your pain.

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Thank you this comforted me alot I pray you do get better along with as the rest of us.

I get creepy dreams a lot lately from anxiety

It's horrible. They are so real and random. I'm a dreamer anyway but nothing like this before. X

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I am on sertraline and I get some really nasty dreams like this. I wake up heart pounding and feeling sick. I think most of them are brought on by my meds as this is a side effect. I don't think they are anything to worry about.

My worse dream ever I was running down a hill in the dark being chased by a man with a knife. I knew I had to reach safety or I would die. I saw ahead of me a big building so broke in. The next thing I woke up and there was a garish yellow light shining. I was lying on a slab and on either side of me were dead people except they weren't dead but were alive and leering at me. x

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Geez πŸ˜– sadly I've had dreams like that way before I'd known I had anxiety the difference is they were very rare and I would always be able to get away or fight & conquer. I would mostly have peaceful and normal dreams whereas the world seemed 10x better I would see passed relatives happy I would go exploring this peaceful world I would be around ALL of my family which doesn't happen in real life and I would just be happy, the dreams would feel so real I could feel the breeze and taste foods and laugh my ass off. Now I rarely come by them I'm plagued with these awful nightmares, I'm very religious so excuse me if it may throw you off but I've always felt like those dreams were God's way of letting me know that he was looking down on me and rewarding me for my outlooks on life and wanted me to be happy now I sort of feel like this whole anxiety thing is my punishment for not appreciating, valuing, or sustaining it as I should maybe? Idk regardless I wish you just as much luck as I do for myself as we fight this thing. πŸ˜– πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Š

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