How fast does your heart go when an attack hots you?

Last night I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. Umm my hear sped up to 178. :(

I was laying down putting my daughter to sleep I got out of her bed fast run to the restroom and while I was there I noticed I could by catch my breath. I looked at my pulse and it was hardly beating I tried catching my breath nothing. Then my heart started racing like crazy I hugged my partner he said he could feel my heart racing with no trouble.

Fighterfighters came here did ECGs and said my heart was fine. That it was 120s . But while that they had me connected, it went off again up to 160 then dropped to 130 quickly that he thought that was weird. :(

I had taken Xanax before I was tAken and when I got to the hospital they gave me 2 mg which with all these should of helped but it did nothing till I got home.

How fast does your heart bpm??


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  • 178 wowww the highest mines was was 140 that waa the first time I experienced the palpitation what were u doin prior to the attack where u worrying about something that might have triggered it off? But atleast all your test came back normal so thank God for that hope u feel better soon.

  • Hello that sounds scary! I just sit there and my heart rate races so fast for no reason no matter how much try calm my breathing down my heart won't slow down it makes me light headed and feels like I can't breath properly really think there's something wrong so scared

  • Have you been ruled out of heart issues?

  • I had a ECG but they said nothing showed up I don't understand from a 1min ECG they can tell if there's something wrong with it. I just don't feel myself no more

  • Same here I dunno from those few short seconds they know everything right ?? It makes you not believe it. Like the other night they were doing the ECG when I told them I felt my heart quivering / vibrating they told me Nope it's beating fine so the only thing for us to accept that we r fine :)

    Hope you start feeling better

  • I know , my heart was 140 today no matter I do it won't calm down. Just don't understand why it goes fast There defiantly must be something wrong

  • Hi :-) have either of you had tests for stomach acid? Sounds stupid I know but I had palpatations before or thought I had and it was stomach acid. The tube behind the heart can cause the feeling of palpatations. I'd had a 24 hour ECG and was told all ok

  • No I haven't but on my check up for the monitor I will ask thank u!!

  • I get really bad heartburn aswell, they say they don't need to do me a 24hour heart monitor thing because they would have picked it up for a stupid 3second ECG if there was something wrong

  • I had that a few years ago, said it was bursts of adrenalin

  • I think it is related to what you fear. If you fear for your heart, it may pound away with anxiety. My attacks do not even relate to my heart. And ive had it when my chest felt like it was being crushed because I couldnt breathe. I never went to the docs for that. I found going outside, especially at night, was so soothing. Id be walking out and back in at like, midnight, wandering the driveway for a half hour. But it helped me sooo much and now, I do not have that problem anymore.

    It also used to jolt me awake. I would jerk up, feeling like I couldnt breathe and then Id realize I was fine and go back to sleep. Feel free to message me if you want some advice on how to overcome that nasty anxiety symptom. :)

    God bless.

  • My heart rate went to 160 before, its anxiety! Anxiety sucks!

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