Soo i had a talk with someone and now it has me thinking all over the place little worrying

So i had a talk with a friend she taking classes for being a nurse at a hospital and now with the stuff she been telling me got me freaking out because the docter thats training her said a cardiologist would see if somwthing with your heart but a heart attack can come within months with out you knowing she said a docter cant tell you if you will have a heart attack or not i would just come and she said this no one can tell you when you gonna have a heart attack that something that comes if that was the case everyone would know and also said Yeah she said that doesn't matter everything can be good but a heart attack doesn't come right away it can take time or months gher saying this now have me thinking because my heart been beating irregular alot could feel it in my throat beating and also my pulse speeding fast at times and feeling pressure and some pain at times.


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  • Johnnie1234,

    You are causing yourself to be worried.

    Anything is possible, but in your case, it is not probable. You have seen doctors and your heart is in good shape, so it is not probable that you are facing a heart attack. People who do not take care of their hearts and get check-ups are more likely to have a heart attack because they may have a problem they do not know about.

    You are just having a worry attack, and don't go o google or talk to your nurse student friend any more about your heart because it always makes your worry when someone tells you something about that.

    So relax, and forget about it, Ok?

    What do you do during the day, because I don't think you are employed right now and does anyone else live with you? Who do you talk with in New York? Are you in New York City?

    That would be really kool. New York City has so much!

  • yeah right now im just in enjoying vaction until i start working in september and yeah just by hearing them say i have to be careful because thats not normal makes me think more and just my mother and brother

  • Hi Johnnie, listen to "hear you". Her words are true. No one can predict when we might have a heart attack just as much as no one could predict us getting hit by a car crossing the street.

    The probabilities are low. Doctors are not psychic. They go by what they hear and listen to with your heart as well as tests. There is no reason for them to suspect you are a high risk at your young age.

    I second the advise of hear you, to not Google, relax and don't talk about your heart and go out and have some fun. It will make you feel good and ALIVE ..

  • yeahh just by talking about it was making me panic a bit

  • I know Johnnie, that's what we were saying. Talking about it, reading about and writing about it keeps it alive and well in your mind. You need to feel Alive and well outside the fear of anxiety and it's thoughts.

  • Hi Johnnie1234,

    Others have given you good advice so I won't repeat it. My contribution is to go out and exercise that heart muscle when you worry. Start by walking around the block :)

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