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Feel like I can't breath and heart is beating fast

Out of no where I feel my heart beating super fast and it's hard to breath.. I've never felt this before.. I'm scared to death!! I feel like going to the Emergency room. 😭😭😭

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Well you should, if you can. Anxiety doesn't make you invincible. There still are possibilities that it could be a condition you are unaware of. Let the doctors say that it is nothing you should be scared of.

But if it doesn't last, it probably is nothing to be worried about. Anxiety does elevate your heart rate. To an extent where even doctors go crazy. My heart rate reached 170BPM when I had a severe panic attack. It was scary, but it turned out it was nothing but anxiety.

Be sure, and then try to calm yourself.

Hope this helps,



Kinda how I feel right now while Trying to sleep,

I keep getting like twitches, that's freaking me out and I just feel really weird,

I'm trying to just stay up until I pass out but I am sooo sleepy,

my body is tired but mentally the anxiety is coming out of no where and messing with me I really hate it.


Are you ok now? Just saw message

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Thank you for asking.. Yes I am better


I have severe anxiety and I do have medication for it but it happens to me all the time. One minute I feel fine the next I don’t and my heart is beating out my chest. It is normal but finding a way to mange it is your best option


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