Suffering from anxiety, depersonalization, and panic attacks, desperate to get my life back and feel like my old self again!!!

Hello! I just wanted to share what I'm going through and see if anyone can relate. My symptoms: I suffer from depersonalization, anxiety, panic attacks, dizziness, and feel as if I could black out or faint at complete random times, even just out walking the dog or cooking dinner, etc. It is so debilitating, I avoid driving especially, but also shopping, standing in line, going out to eat, etc. I'm 40 years old, and I have two teenage daughters and a 4 year old son. Its really sad I'm not who I used to be: I used to love going for drives, working full time, having fun with my kids, shopping, etc. Now I hardly want to leave the house. I had a complete physical recently and everything was normal. I talked to my Dr. about my symptoms. My treatment: I've been on citalopram for about 4 weeks now, 10mg daily for the first two weeks, 20mg daily the second two weeks and I'm supposed to continue the 20mg daily from here on out. It definitely has helped with the anxiety, but the depersonalzation and panic attacks are still there. So I'm wondering if maybe I should be taking something else that can help with all the symptoms or take something in addition. I know I can call up my doctor and ask, however I wanted to hear from people that have overcome this or that can relate, and maybe what has helped you. I'm desperate and want to get my life back. Thanks for your time!


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15 Replies

  • The main thing you can do to help yourself is fight this thing. See this as a battle, something you are going to try your hardest to overcome. Everytime you feel panic or unwell tell yourself that it's just anxiety and think of all the times before where you thought it would never end but it did. And don't be so hard on yourself when you don't see immediate results. Just keep seeing it as a fight that you know you can ultimately win. And take care of yourself when it comes to relaxing. Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows that is the hardest thing to do, but epsom salt baths, lemon teas, massage and essential oils have worked wonders for me. You should give them a try. Best of luck to you!

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, I will try your suggestions. What kind of essential oils do you use by the way? How do you use them? Again Thanks for your help!

  • Lavender oil, it's the most relaxing. I usually add a few drops to a diffuser or my bath

  • It sounds like anxiety and I what I think u should do is first relax accept that it is anxiety and that you will be OK and the reason why you stay home its because its your comfort zone but you need to take back your life start by taking small walks and most important prays ate important .hope you feel better

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, I really appreciate the support. You're right, home is where my comfort zone is. I do take walks since I have two dogs, but terrified to drive. Maybe I should start by driving around the block, then a little farther each time. I can't believe I'm so terrified to drive, I never used to be this way. Oh by the way, I was wondering what you meant when you said "start by taking small walks and most important prays ate important." I think that was a typo, but I really want to know what you meant. Did you mean "prayers are important"? Again, thank you so much for your help!

  • Yes I meant prayers are important and all those things helped me through and please stop worrying it will only make it worse and yes walking helped me small walks like with the dogs then like going to the mall walk around and try getting back to your normal activities it all happen to me I stayed home for a month left my work worrying about everything fast heartbeat feeling tired all the time and now I'm 90 % better

  • I'm going through the same thing! Hard to relax, feel faint headache dizzy! I pray we will overcome it.

  • Hey, I've felt this same way. While it used to be 24/7 it now only pops up every now and then. What helped me is especially since I got a lot of time on my hands when this first happened because I lost my job and had to move back in w my parents at the time. I read the bible, its a neat journey and brought me so much peace as i asked God to fill me with the Holy Spirit as i read it. I pray you find peace

  • I have to disagree with some of the advice given to you. Really the last thing you want to do is 'fight' this. Acceptance of your symptoms, yes, but you don't want to put more pressure on your mind which has been under stress. The symptoms are distressing but try to carry on with daily life activities. Sometimes you may find yourself forgetting your symptoms when your attention is fully on a task, this is the way forward. Give you mind the time it needs to heal. There is a book called At Last a Life by Paul David, and website/blog too. Very good advice and support from others with anxiety. Paul had anxiety in the past, he advocates no fighting.

  • Thank you so much for your response, I will definitely get the book. I will also look up his website/blog. You're right, when I have full attention on a task, I don't think about the symptoms, however those darn panic attacks will pop up out of nowhere in the middle of doing ssomething, then I'm back to thinking about the symptoms and it's back to square one again. Thank you for taking time to write and share your advice with me, I'm looking forward to the book! Take care!!!

  • It's great to have a moments peace from it all!

  • I'm 43 and the same exact thing has been happening for almost 2 years. I feel super dizzy, faint, weird heartbeats, derealization/depersonalization. It seems way worse out of the house and especially at places like Wal Mart or loud busy restaurants. It seems, neurological, psychological, physiological....who knows?? I think it's s combo of stress (have 5 kids, ages 17-3, homeschool, husband works from home), and changes in hormones. It's sooo frustrating, I hate to say but nothing has really helped me but Xanax and I use it sparingly so most of my days stink but no one knows because I act like nothing is going on. I'm even getting to not tell my dr everything because even talking about it makes me almost or sometimes does make me have a panic attack. None of the ssri's have been worth the side effects but I'm going to the dr tomorrow for a follow up and I may ask for old fashioned Prozac. That's the one I haven't tried. I have pvcs too that are from stress and I think they make me have anxiety too. Ugh, it's such a beating. Massages do help though but who can afford to get one everyday, that'd only run around $1800 a month for one hour each day! Just thought I'd share so you wouldn't feel alone.

  • Hey! Do you fear having the panic attacks?? Once you learn to accept them they will stop happening. There is no reason to fear a panic attack, as it can cause no harm AT ALL. You will not have panic attacks forever. As for depersonalization , I'm battling that as well. I'm 17, and I've had it 24/7 for a year and 2 months. My therapist assures me it's temporary and only a symptom, although I do have my days where I feel it will never go... But since my doctor says it will, then it will. Take care. Xx

  • Hi

    I know this is an old post but did you ever get better? I been suffering from this for over 6 weeks and it's hell.

  • There is hope Cat. It can be overcome and your life can return to some type of normal.

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