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Does Anyone Feel Like Their About to Lose It?

With the scary thoughts and visualizations, and feeling so distanced from myself, I constantly feel like I am about to lose it.

I felt this way yesterday before going into a restaurant and saw myself like, losing it in the restaurant. I did not and only got anxious five minutes before we left. I was still really proud though cause that restaurant was so crowded.

I mean I know scary thoughts are a common symptom associated with anxiety, but it is hard to apply it to myself. Like really scary thoughts. Like, "will I lose it and hurt someone?" Or "what if, if I am faced with my fear, it causes a mental break?"

Scary stuff like that. I even dream of myself having these thoughts, and in those dreams I tell myself it is just a thought, but I can just see it all so clearly.

Anyone else?

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Totaly wid ye there traibooks I suffer from this alot head is constantly running away with shit its horrible and really knocked my confidence I feel I loosing meself sometimes and ill nnever be me who I was before this anxiety started I scared to go on holiday in case I loose it ovcer there or somethin lol its just become a fear but apparently its common in anxiety disorders I find the best thing to do is just let the thoughts be there dont try push them away as it makes them louder after all there just thoughts and are only as powerful as we make them good luck hope you feelin better soon ;)

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I hate crowds and when I go to a mall or supermarket I start to loose it and end up going to the toilet several times. (Nerves, fear) I feel like everyone is looking at me, like there is something wrong with me though I know there is not. Yesterday I went to the supermarket and got so anxious I ended up in Zara and bought myself a little something. Did it help, no not really. Just searched for another toilet and then walked home and lay down. Then I felt better.


Hi,know how you feel these thoughts are making me soooo anxious even if I know their just symptoms.still scary!


jackaroo, i know exactly how you feel. i have to leave many grocery stores and places with many people. i get very sweaty as well. it has taken me years of therapy and xanax to be able to walk into any place that i know will trigger me.

i started to be able to walk into the grocery store just by going to the parking lot, then go home. then i went to the entrance of the store, then went home, eventually i just walked into the store,shopped and went right home. there are still some days that if i am online to pay and the people in front of me are taking too long, i leave my basket in the line and i have to leave the store in order to avoid a panic attack.




I think everyone has their moments when they feel like they are going to 'lost it.' The trick is learning to control it. Its time to make a change so you can have a happier life. I ran across this and thought I'd share and hope it helps!

Best of Luck!


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