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After having to resign from my job due to panic attacks , caused by anxiety , I now have depression as well .

I have worked for the last 35 years in various jobs . So not being at work is making me anxious also ...

my therapist says I'm not ready to go back yet so I have been told to apply for


I know nothing about this area , just looking at the questionnaire has got me feeling sick .

I may have to have a face - face assessment . Just the thought of talking to a stranger about myself has me churned up

I don't know how the system works

If anyone has experience it'll help

As I can see sleepless nights coming from this .

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Listen you have worked all your life and asking for help due to your illness is not your fault.i would pack my nursing job in tomorrow if I could the pressure I'm under is unbearable some days 😩But got to go.you rest up get stronger u can do it .keep strong 💪 big hugs x


The citizens advice can help you. I understand your worry.

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Have you been on the sick from work and now you have quit and want to claim ESA ?

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Yes ,

I'm not expecting much help ( if any)

But have been told I am entitled due to NI contributions .

Ive always worked never had to deal with this .

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You'll need to be permanently signed off sick by your doctor and then you'll need to make a claim, I think you can do it online. I know a guy on ESA for spinal problems.

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@Welshy1064 S ee if there is a MIND near you, I'm sure they will help, or other organisations who can provide advocacy.

Those and the PIP forms can be a nightmare when you're feeling down.

Which part of the country are you in ?

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I'm in the north east uk

It's sounds complicated already ...

See if they can help


@Welshy1064 , they helped me with ESA and DLA/PIP claims for me in the past, along with counselling several times.

Still making use of their services.

Worth checking out their web site.

Good luck.

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