Need someone to talk to. Petrified

Need someone to talk to. A while ago I went to a&e for fast heart, palps & chest pain. I got a 24hr ECG done and got a letter saying my heart goes fast but they want a specialist opinion before they discard me. Now I have an appt to see the cardiologist for 15/12 and I'm scared if something's wrong 😥. I'm 6mnths pregnant and was at the hosp on wed coz the baby wasn't moving as much. I'm so stressed right now. Everything seems to be wrong with my health..


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  • Stressful for you but try and think at this moment all is fine... take care of yourself reading, bubble bath, music maybe? just to try calm the mind and thoughts down. just focus on the wonderful baby that's on the way and some times we have to trust that things will be fine we are stronger then we give ourselves credit for. Sending peaceful wishes.

  • HI, All i can say is that if they were truly concerned they would have kept you in, try not to worry too much, i know thats easy for me to say. I ended up in A & E with the same thing, they wanting to have me checked over, when i saw my doctor i was in a right state thinking something was seriously wrong, she said it was only because they do not know me, she assured me i was fine and i just needed to relax. take care, all will be fine

  • Hi muffin.

    I have been having issues with my heart lately and had to have an ECG, ECO and 24 HOUR TAPE done recently. Been in and out of A&E because i thought i was having a heart attack. Anyway the conclusion was I have something called tacacardyia which is a fast heart than a normal average adult however this tacacardyia is very much related to stress and anxiety..when we are afraid of something or someone frightens you our heart rate increases and this is what happens to us who suffer with anxiety. I am going to see a specialist soon but in reality I have to find a way to keep my self calm which I'm struggling to do at the moment but be rest assured anxiety makes u think something is wrong with you....and we all know we are ok it's just so tough to battle with. Hope you get better soon and find some reassurance

  • Hi. The first thing is that you are pregnant. Your body will not be acting the same as when you are not pregnant as I am sure you know. Also, as someone else said, if there was something seriously wrong they would have kept you in. They will not take any chances with a pregnant woman. So on that level at least you can feel reassured. I know what it feels like to have to wait for tests for a few weeks. Your mind goes into overdrive and you imagine all sorts of things. We always imagine the worst. Is there any way you can get the test brought forward? You can explain to your doctor that it is causing you stress, and therefore all stress for the baby. In the meantime try and relax, do your breathing exercises and try to distract yourself with whatever will work even in the short term. But make sure your doctor knows how stressed you are at the moment.

  • I found magnesium supplements really helped my heart palpitations.. Maybe ask your doctor if it's safe to take while pregnant.. Worth a try. xxx

  • Hi Muffin, keep off caffine related drinks, chocolate, ask your GP to try you on low dose of Propranolol,i have had rapid beats for years and am on Prop. 10mg which helps a lot .have had ecg before and 24hr tapes ,but all came back normal, lots of people have this ,its not very nice at the time but it will pass, you need a light Beta Blocker which one. your body is changing so dont get stressed, look forward to having your baby, best wishes xxx

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