Massive heart flutter/skips

So I was sitting at the table this arvo talking . All of a sudden my heart skipped, jumped , went fast for about 10 seconds or a bit more but it took my breath away , I felt faint, sick then my heart rate went real fast still feeling sick I went really anxious , heavy legs and arms . . I was rocking when sitting and walking . Hour later checked my bp and it was 170/100. Was this a panic attack ? I had a great day at work my new job and so was not stressed in any way . WHY ???


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  • Yes it feels like your hear skipped a beat and it took your breath away and you took a deep breath yes your heart didnt do anything you just had a little panic attack you get them once and a while

  • Thanx Lotenz1232. I have had lots of panic attacks but not with my heart really fluttering missing beats , bit scary

  • I get the odd skipped beat but this was intense

  • My skipped beats are at their worst when I am a) tired from many late nights b) dehydrated from not drinking enough water and c) deficient in potassium or magnesium. All simple fixes. They can be completely random and not related to any stress or particular event which makes them all the more scary as they are out of the blue. Pay them no attention but do have a look at your hydration and diet. 👍😎

  • Thanx Vbee I def drink heaps of fluids . Yep just out of the blue and yes it did startle me big time . Bloody thing !! But now I know not to worry I hope I won't go into panic 🤞

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