Does anybody else have loss of balance

Ugh, i really don't know how to explain it. I'm constantly under pressure by anxiety, and last 2 months? i think, this new symptom came up (i wouldn't have thought that i'd have more symptoms that i already did, but i guess it was possible). It's like when I am walking i have this weird loss of balance, and also feeling like i'm gonna collapse. It happens EVERY TIME i walk, no exceptions. I feel dizzy too. I visited my doctor and got my blood checked a few weeks ago, I have no problem with it. Do you guys experience this too? And what helps with it? It's really hard to walk to school and from class to class with it. I'm always thinking about it too :(


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  • Hi. I've been feeling this way alittle too for the past few days. It's actually when I'm in one place I feel this way. But if I'm walking it's fine. I don't know why this is happening. Hopefully someone can help us figure it out. I do get that it's all in the mind too :-/

  • Hi, how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

    I get dizziness all the time, and blurred vision. I feel faint a lot and I'm scared I will pass out!

    Maybe try taking your mind off it,have a bath, go for a walk, anything to stop yourself from thinking about it.when I have symptoms I seem to sit and constantly think about it and I no its not the right thing to do. hyperventilating can make you light headed, maybe try doing some breathing exercises when your relaxing, a few times a day.

    X X

  • I'm 29. And I do find doing little activities do keep my mind off of it. But then when I'm not doing anything i go right back to feeling that way. It's just sickening to deal with this all the time.

  • It's terrible isn't it, I get all kinds of symptoms that really does affect my daily life, I stop myself from doing things all the time. I have children and I'm so busy, I don't no where I find the time to worry, but I do all the time, I'm on edge constantly. How are you on a daily basis? Are you able to go out/do things etc, nice to have someone to talk to 😊

  • Yea I go to work daily. But get so nervous throughout the day. I take the train everyday. Waiting for it makes me anxious and dizzy. The crowd bothers me. When I come home I feel at ease.

  • Loss of balance,dizziness is quite common symptoms of anxiety, I too feel like this sometimes. I do exercise and take healthy diet, it help me a lot to improve my symptoms. This help me with going out and feel strong to do number of things.

  • Hi I know how you feel, I'm feeling like that right now😞I hate it as much as I try not to think about it, it's still there. I was feeling fine this weekend, but last night it started up again, woke up at 5 and felt nauseous, feeling emotional and started to cry. I'm just so tried of all this, I just want it to go away!!!god bless us all🙏

  • Hi I am currently going throug the exact same this g I work full time n have a 5 year old it is so hard to do things with these symptoms we are having just know you are not alone I'm going through your exact symptoms just like many other people are let's try to at least think positive and try to entertain yourself trust me with the dizziness and the balance issues I know its hard I'm like that on a daily basis bt if we let this take over us we will never get better..we have to help ourselves

  • Hi. I just saw your post today and I could have written it myself :-) My dizziness seemed to happen after i had a heart attack earlier this year. SO i had all the tests done for my heart - nothing. Then one day I was at my G.P. and he saw me struggling to get out of the chair. He immediately sent me for an MRI. Sure enough, I had had a minor stroke at same time as heart attack and it affected my balance and was causing the dizziness. I am not saying that you have the same issue. But it is something to get checked if not already done. I have also noticed that my dizziness increases as the day goes on and the more tired I get. Like you, I only get the dizziness when I am walking - no dizziness when sitting or liyng down. In my case that is explained by the stroke. Anyway, just thought I would tell you of my experience with dizziness. I wish you well and hope you can get an answer to your question.

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