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Anybody else?

Anybody else get completely preoccupied with their health? Whether you're gonna die, have some kind of disease....every body ache is a new sign that you're falling apart? The last couple weeks have been intense for me and this mindset. Stomach pains like the muscle tissue is pulling from my rib cage, back pain beyond belief, headaches....I MUST get a grasp on this anxiety demon that is in my head. I'm taking Gabapentin 300mg 1x daily before bed...all it does is help me sleep nowadays....doc tried Seroquel and that crap made my heart race to about 183bmp so he took me off that and prescribed Lartuda.....I've seen the ads for it, but when I read up on it (like I do every medication I get prescribed) and it is mainly used for the same thing as the death pill I was on (seroquel).....it's an antipsychotic drug. Anyone else on Latina? Does it work for you? Are it's side effects horrendous?

I am afraid of mess nowadays....."take this for your headache...buuuuutttt.....it could cause a stroke, aneurysm, heart failure or even give you dhiarrea"

How can I take a pill when it's main use isn't for anxiety itself?

Please any input, thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I need to eliminate this demon. It is now to a point where it interferes with my job. I'm afraid to drive, get heavy chested when doing the work and he'll sometimes in even afraid to stand in the shower alone

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WBoweter, we've all been there. Afraid of the physical symptoms but just as afraid of taking one of the meds on the market to even being afraid to shower. The anxiety demon (bully) has been our companion so long that we haven't gotten the chance to stand alone and strong and believe we are all we need.

It takes retraining our mind from all these negative 'what if' thoughts to positive thoughts of confidence and accomplishments. Small steps as well as reinforcing yourself with an "Atta Boy" whenever you move forward will get you back to believing in yourself as well as the doctors.

Questioning every thought, feeling and symptom only takes away the control we once had. Accepting these symptoms as Anxiety is the first step you might take. Reading up and educating yourself on how the mind/body works will help you not be as afraid. One of the books that many people read is Dr. Claire Weekes book "Hope & Help for your Nerves"... It even comes in a CD that you can listen to in your car. Each time you hear her words, you will see yourself in the people she is describing. It seems so easy and yet so hard for us to undo the damage the anxiety demon has caused us, but it can be done.

As you continue on the forum, you will be given a lot of idea as to what others use to push away unwanted thoughts. Don't get overwhelmed...Small steps will lead to the same destination, the riddance of anxiety and it's fears.


Hi I started taking paxil 10mg almost a month ago. I really didn't want to but need to function in life like all of us. What got me to take it is my cousin who's a nurse has been taking it for many years and she's fine working etc. She said we use up our serotonin too fast and that's why we feel the way we do. I got this way from rushing around constantly trying to help everyone in my family and work part time but I should have realized I'm not a robot! I needed to slow down. When your nerves settle down you can stop taking it after 6-8 months


You are so right we have to look after ourselfs eat well.sleep well and set aside some me time even if its a couple of hours watching favourite TV shows.reading a good book etc.


All sounds good. I'm wondering if anyone takes antipsychotic drugs for anxiety. I've been prescribed them 2x and afraid to take the second scrip which is Latuda because the Seroquel didn't go over so well.


Pristique worked best for me. Prozac the worst (suicidal thoughts and couldn't get out of bed). Gabapentin did nothing for me. Seroquel had me sounding drunk and slurring my words. Lol. After four years of Pristique (which worked awesomely) I unfortunately built up a tolerance and inadvertently had some unwanted side effects. Nothing scary but uncomfortable so we stopped it. I tried a few others in between and after. Stomach pains like you mentioned (with a feeling of tearing near my ribs) was something I went through recently. A week in hospital with tests every day drew up blank, except my inflammation markers were up but they couldn't find why. I tried changing up my diet (found relief in limiting gluten). Now fibromyalgia. Lol. Vicious circle. So in a long answer to your question - haven't tried Latina. Pristique was great. Am now on Endep for fibromyalgia (so lower doses 50mg then for anxiety (150mg) but it worked for that too). That along with xanax at night (2mg) for sleep and Valium 5mg when needed (I try to limit Valium use, but if I need it I need it). Anyway Xanax was better then Seroquel for me. Groggy first week of use, fine after that. I didn't want to go near Seroquel again! Plus I didn't like the thought of it being an anti-psychotic too. Lol. I think that added to my anxiety. Silly really, as I know medications can be used for other illnesses then what they are initially made for. Slurring fog head just didn't work for me though. Ha. I try not to read those side effects pamphlets. Lol. I think they do me more damage then good. But I do ask my doctor what serious things should I keep my eyes out for when starting a new medication. Hope you find something that works for you soon.


Thank you OdetteG it is comforting knowing I'm not the only "CRAZY"🤤 one out there.

Has anybody tried mineral water? I've been reading up on it and some sites say anxiety can be caused by a lack of minerals in our bodies. Magnesium, good sodiums etc etc

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