My anxiety is thru the roof. I have a bloated stomach that does not go away, some cramps.. not really bad , Just bothers, the pain seems to be in different locations of my abdominal area, and I have been purging a lot!!! I am so scared to go to the doctors.. I am terrified and can't even function thinking there is something wrong. I am also very constipsted!!! Any one else had ever had this? Please help me !


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  • Sorry* burping!!

  • Thank you so much. How do you get better ? How long did it last ?

  • Thank you .. I really hope I get better in the next couple of days. My anxiety is making me feel worse!

  • Hello

    This really sounds like a anxiety tummy you are dealing with or could be irritable bowel which a lot of us that suffer with anxiety seem to suffer from

    When we are anxious we tend to gulp a lot of air and when we are eating we do this which causes these symptoms

    Try eating slowly and small meals and take note if certain foods make it worse and keep away from them and see if it helps , I would give it a week and see if it settles , none of us are Doctors and even if we were we cannot diagnose others on here but if after a week you are still suffering with it , pop to your Doctors , I would put money on it that it will not be serious but you would have peace of mind and they could prescribe or recommend something to help

    I know it is not easy but this problem is possibly anxiety related so the more you worry the worse it will feel

    Let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

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