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Going out of my mind

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I suffer with anxiety and border line personality disorder.... I been out tonight for my birthday I had 5 bottles of wkds, I had to leave the pub as I came over all funny when I felt like my throat was swollen I couldn't catch my breath couldn't swallow..... My partner picked me up come home googled it and it said could be throat cancer or its a sign of my arteries clogging up

Am I just being silly as really scared and don't know what to do 😞

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HI there, dont be scared, its just anxiety. Providing your throat wasnt sore before you went to the pub, and your throat isnt sore now, I doubt you have cancer. If youre on meds, they dont mix with alcohol at all. I avoid it all all times these days, i feel ill if i have just one drink on my meds x

I didn't take my meds as I knew that I would be drinking anxitey is a horrible thing to deal with 😞

Do not Google symptoms. Anxiety has so many different symptoms. You need to take care of yourself physically and mentally . Your symptoms probably were worse since you were drinking and are u taking meds. Can't drink while on meds. Too dangerous. You need to sleep, drink water and eat healthy. Happy Birthday but celebrate sensibly. Going out to nice dinner would have been the more sensible celebration, not going to pub.

I feel really bad for going out now just wished I would have gone for a meal with the other half I know its my anxiety because as my partner got ms home and carmed me down I was okay

Thankyou for the birthday wish x

I too can google things and think the worst. But its best to see a professional, especially for something you feel could potentially be so serious. One time i found hard lumps in my gums, google told me it could be oral cancer, i got checked out by my dentist and hospital and they said blocked salivary gland's. Nothing major and no further treatment necessary. Go and see your GP...

Thankyou for the reply I have been to my gp as its an on going thing and they always put it down to anxiety but I'm scared that there missing summit 😞

Yes, i too have felt this. This comes down to trust and again anxiety. You'll worry if you don't go...you'll worry if you go and get told its not what you thought. Its good that you went, lots of people might not be at that stage yet, where they continue to worry, google, wonder what if!?... If we worry about it being the worst, maybe subconsciously a part of us wants it to be the worst, because then our anxiety will be at rest for once. What else would we worry about if we're experiencing the worst!???....

Its a horrible circle because it will just go round in gonna book in again tomorrow abs are what the gps say because i cant keep going on like this x

Good luck x

I honestly think it was just your anxiety making you feel like you couldn't breathe, catch your breath or swallow. Sometimes when my anxiety acts up, I get that tightness in my throat like I cant breathe and cant catch my breath. Its scary when it happens but I just have to keep reminding myself that its just my anxiety and that it will pass.

Its horrible I panic when it happens because i think any min now I'm gonna stop breathing 😒 it doesn't help that also get pain in my left arm and chest too

Please avoid alcohol like the plague. Not easy to do I know, but alcohol is a depressant and makes things worse.

Take care

This should of been a separate post.

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