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Going out my mind!!!!

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Hey! For the past year now I've really suffered with anxiety!!! I've got every symptom .. pains in chest.. in my back and down my arms. My digestion and stomach is terrible! No matter what I eat I get the pains .. bad wind.. and I burp all day! Lately I keep feeling sick and really light headed like my head is not on my body!!!! I've been for every test going at the doctors and everything comes back normal, he keeps telling me I need to try and relax! When will this feeling ever go away?!! I'm so fed up! Jus want the old me back!


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Your not the only one been like this for three months and refuse to take meds but i want my regular life back how i was before the way am feeling for the past three months its not me i dont even go out like that because the way am feeling i see my friends having fun enjoy there life and its like am just stuck with all these sympthoms that wont go away the chest pains and the my heart racing all the time for nothing i cant be still or relax my back cant relax always moving it for some reason am always nervous for no reason idk why its just tiering and make you feel down when people you know and use to hang out with tell you your not the same anymore this is not the person i knew before your scared to come out and have fun with us like you letting this taking over you they say and all this started for me smoking weed cought a panick attack and not dont feel the same its a everyday thing and i havent been smoking for three months after that happen and i still feel it like a witdrawl and i been to the docters blood work is normal everything is fine just say im low on vitamins and they gave me anxiety meds but i dont wanna take them been trying to fight it on my own but its hard honestly feel like am losing my mind. hope you get better and your not the only one from Johnnie.πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―

How old are you?? I'm exactly the same... I'm having panic attavks daily! I don't know why....I can't do anything without one coming on and all the chest pains start! Do u feel short of breath a lot?? It's hard to explain but I have this horrible feeling that comes from my stomach up the back of my throats and takes my breath.. only lasts for a few minutes but I keep getting it and it freaks the life out of me!! It's not acid or anythin like that jus a weird feeling! And friggin burpin omg! All day everyday! I'm constantly checking my pulse... and feeling my heart race! I find it hard to go anywhere too... I only feel ok when I'm at home! What did the doctor give u??? Ive taken a few of the anxiety tablets he's given me but I refuse to stay on them too! But the way I feel at the mo is that I'm not going to get better if I don't take them!!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

yeah i got anxiety pills called paxil i havent took any doe told me to take vitamins firdt too see because am low on vitamins in my body he says and he said if it doesnt change then start taking them but am only 20 years old and we going through the same right now i feel these things everyday.

Me too! Let's hope something snaps us out of it real quick! Hate the person I've become!

Yeah hopefully πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’―


check the messages if anything you can get in contact with me because we going through the same thing

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My anxiety is due to vertigo

After having my baby 8 weeks ago it suddenly came on me

Now everyday I cry, I want the old happy me back, not this miserable person I see(I hate myself) got a 4 yr old & 8 week old baby and I cannot do a single thing with them, I too only feel safe at home

I don't know if it's anxiety now or wether it's the vertigo

Drs still haven't diagnosed me properly, I just wish I could be normal

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It's horrible isn't it! I get vertigo.. omg jus walking is horrible as I feel I'm gunna pass out or sunthin, then I go all sickly! Then the anxiety kicks in which then makes me frightened to do anythin incase I have it agen! Jus horrible! I really try and tell myself it will pass, but it's hard x

Congratulations on ure new baby xxx

My son has some similarities to your symptoms. He gets pains in his stomach, racing heart, nausea. He also has had every test and all come back normal. He takes propanalol to stop his palpitations. The mind is a strong thing. I had anxiety for about 2 weeks, being aware of my breathing. I genuinely thought there was something seriously wrong with me, but it faded gradually and now when I get it, I do breathing exercises. Just go along with your feelings. Accept them and try to stop fighting them. You might find they will calm a bit. Good luck. Hope you feel better soon

Thank you xx I hope they do x

You are right tho, the more I think about my heart or my breathing the more I concerntrate on it!

I will get better as I won't let it beat me 😘😘

I really wish you the best of luck. I think humans in general have these problems at least once in their lives, others have symptoms on and off. I'm glad you feel strong and I'm sure you will get better gradually. As I said try to go with it and not battle it. It just tends to make the symptoms angry. Hope you're next post is a positive happy post telling us you feel so much better. Stay strong 😊

Me too.. I haven't had a good night so far? Sounds weird but every time I seem to have certain food it upsets my digestive system which Defo brings on the anxiety.. since eating my tea (6pm ) I've that that stomach churning feelin.. tight throat (hard to swallow) and this strange feelin I keep getting like an adrenaline rush or sum thing up the back of my throat that takes my breath! It lasts around an hour (cAn only describe until my food has gone down and started to digest) then I start to feel a little better! I know until I stop the anxiety those feeling are not goin away but I get them before the anxiety attack? I jus talk myself round in circles!!!!

Thanks for talking xx it does help to know ure not the only one!!! Xxx

There's a possibility you have an allergy to certain foods. Get tested properly by NHS or you could try leaving things out. I'm on a gluten free, dairy free and very low sugar diet for three months. I don't drink alcohol either. I feel much better already and only been on it three weeks. It may be that it is anxiety causing your symptoms. As I said, the mind is a strong thing. I really feel your pain and anxiety. So hope you improve soon. I'm always here if you need a chat or you can private msg me. Good luck!

That's very kind of you. 😘😘

I've been tested for coeliac and tHat came Bk negative .. I am gunna try cutting out the dairy and see how I feel.. and the chocolate I don't think either help with my acid reflux to be honest ...

On the plus side ... I have had a fantastic day today! Been out and about and been completely pain free ... positive thinking!!!

Hope ure well xxx

I'm so glad you've had a good day, symptom free. That's a great start. Keep trying to think positively. It could be you're hormonal. When I was younger, my hormones caused all sorts of odd thoughts. I hope this is the start of you feeling a little better and on the mend. Here to chat if you need someone to talk to 😊


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I had an amazing day yesterday was on top of the world

Then crash! This morning my heart racing my stomach had nerves that made me sick

I had to get the propanadol

Then it upset me all day n made anxiety worse

I'm just so fed up ; I want to be the happy mummy my boy once knew πŸ˜ͺ

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Juneh-uk in reply to Hidden

Do you think you may have post natal depression? It's very common. I'd see your GP. If you have, you're definitely not alone. Good luck, hope you feel better soon 😊

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I've got beta blockers to relax me but they make me kind of dizzy too

It's the vertigo that's making me anxious I'm so fed up

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My friend had that years ago. She said it was awful. She's was absolutely fine months later, so I'm guessing it passes. Hope you feel better soon 😊

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This does happen to me to!! I'll have a day where I feel great then a 3 days I'll!!! But u know what.. I've come to thinking today it's my thoughts that create all these pains! I've worried that much I've upset all my digestive system! I'm learning what I can eat at the mo without upsetting my stomach! Something I saw on Facebook today made me think..,

Life is too short to argue with your own mind and body day in day out!

Is that not sooooi right???

How are you feelin now? X

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What Is it you're eating ?

My neck is so sore today I've been so stressed

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At the moment I'm tryin to stick to jus plain foods..oats in the morning with alpro milk...

Banana and fruit and nut bar in the afternoon...

Then either chicken, steak or fish with beg for tea!

I'm having no sauces on anythin as I've noticed if I have anythin with any spice I'm horrendous!

I've found if I have anythin with dairy I keep having this rushing feeling the back of my throat? Again mite be that I've convinced myself it's dairy and now everyone anythin had dairy I already believe I'm gunna get pain after it??

But u know what if at the moment I feel better without it I'm avoiding it! Lolol


Hi I struggle with anxiety and IBS- they tend to trigger each other off and hard to get out of the viscous circle!! Have docs thought maybe IBS and anxiety related? Do any foods trigger it off? Have a look at FODMAP diet for IBS for some ideas x

Ohhhh I'll check it out thanks!

To be honest I don't know what triggers mine off? I do think now it's gone on for sooo long I suffer with food anxiety and health anxiety .. but yes I do believe it's a viscous circle!!!

If I have a great day I start thinking I wonder why I have t had any pain and if it will come on if I do this or that!! It's like I actually punish myself for being happy and pain free??? X

Me too sometimes I hardly eat anything and eating out or going away is a nightmare. I'm struggling with health anxiety too but started counselling so hoping to get on top of it somehow. I cut out wheat and dairy which helped but there is lots of fruit n veg that can cause gas. Be careful of lactose too that can be evil!! Even when I'm being careful with food I find I need Imodium in the morning to leave the house but that's just the anxiety and have got into the habit of feeling like this in the morning. Good luck to you x

Stick with the counselling and th diet and fingers crossed it helps us both xxxxx

I'll try anythin to be honest!

People keep telling me to try hypnosis as I need them I train my mind into thinking differently .. but I'm so stuck in my ways I'll probably go there and walk in and think this is not gunna do anythin for me and kinda defeate it before I've started!!! Xx

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Same here , somedays my stomach shakes that much there's no way I could eat

I do myself a Herbalife shake in the morning and have a protein bar that does me all day

I don't want to eat when I've got or had an anxiety attack

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I don't eat much in the day to be fair which I why I think mines worse at night as I have my main meal around 6 xxoxo

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I can so relate to this!

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