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Losing my mind

Hi everyone I'm new to all this with joining forums etc. Now I know they say google and things like this can be your worst Enemy but I just thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else is like me. Where do I start I'm 26 but suffered with panic attacks and anxiety since I would say 11 but at the time never knew what it really was. Over the years it came and went away but I'm at my last straw here today. 3 weeks ago I was suffering with abdominal pai on my lower right side after going to hospital with doctors suspecting appendicitis they then said I was ovulating releasing an egg which is probably true as I looked at ovulation stars and works out correct but the dull ache continued and does "on and off it comes and goes" it's like the section your appendix and that side really. My doctors have put down to stress as I've lost weight been to a and e twice since the first time had blood work , stool samples and ecgx2 awaiting an ultrasound but they all say every test is normal. I'm just losing who I am and i will hold my hands up and say I'm a hypochondriac I have severe health anxiety but tonight my stomach has flared again and I'm not in ovulation ... so scared and worried something is wrong xxx sorry for the long post

Symptoms with my panic disorder

Shaking feeling in the inside

Not eating

Tingles and numbness in legs hands and face

Chest pain and heaviness

Sweaty palms and feet

Feeling hot like temperature

Twitching doing things fast but everything feels slow

Heart feels like fluttering

Hard to swallow

Random pains

Face also feels like sometimes it's dropped but hasn't when checking in mirror

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I'm so sorry you are experiencing all of this. Your symptoms sound like anxiety thru and thru. I went to 3 different ER's and followed up with physicians still confused and questioning the anxiety diagnosis because it didn't seem possible that it could cause all that it did. You have got to come to terms with what the Dr's have said. I recommend getting therapy individually or with a group and a lot of self care. Once you become less anxious your symptoms will subside and you'll realize it was anxiety all along. I hope you find some peace.

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I'm experiencing all what you've said, but in addition to that.. Dizziness, that what scares me the most. I had my first panic attack the last September.. I had some huge problems in my that moment, i've always been stressed and hyperactive... But never had a panic attack. Some doctors misdiagnosted it.. they thought it was asthma and allergy. I've been on treatment since October with heavy medics for asthma... That's when everything started.. first weeks it was good. I was feeling comfort and secure of course that's why i was feeling fine. Later i started showing all the symptoms i am suffeting from now, shaking, spasms, abdominal pains.. But the dizziness started lately, it was coming for short periods then it goes. But now i'm living with it everyday. If there is someone to blame then it's my doctor, i told him what i was feeling and he said don't care for it .. I've seen a different doctor and he finally said that i hadn't asthma, the gastrologue found nothing, also the ORL because i thought the dizziness was due to some ear problem. He was the one to tell that i suffer from anxiety. Now i'm asking if you have the same thing

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I know I have anxiety I've been diagnosed with GAD and health anxiety. Tonight though I feel like really dizzy for a few days I've had this dull ache above and all around my right ear feels really blocked and my head hurts a lot and to touch. Really worried can't snap out with how I feel I am in talks with my doctors about cbt and awaiting referral for that


I initially had dizziness which scared me so bad I called 911 bc it sent into a severe panic. I continued to be dizzy most days for more than a year. Everywhere, work, grocery shopping. You have to stop scaring yourself. Do what you normally would regardless, it does eventually stop. I swear.

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Hanarich25, without knowing it you have just listed the most classic symptoms of anxiety. So along with the fact that your doctors after extensive tests put it down to stress, another word for anxiety, you can be certain that your symptoms are indeed all anxiety related and clear your mind of any other causes.

Of all the organs in the body the stomach is the one most sympathetic to anxiety so your abdominal pain seems to fall into this category too.

The first thing to ask yourself is what has triggered this latest attack? Is it problems with work, family members not behaving themselves or some disappointment maybe. Only you can provide yourself with that answer but if you can identify the cause you dhould take steps to protect yourself even if this means major change.

You no doubt know enough about anxiety to realise it isn't going to kill you, disable you or unbalance your mind. But I suggest you turn your attention to countering the anxiety by simply accepting all these symptoms for the time being knowing full well that they are really glitches in your over sensitised nervous system and nothing more.

When you accept the symptoms and stop fighting them you stop generating the fear on which anxiety thrives. So acknowledge the presence of all these symptoms but do so with the minimum amount of fear and in doing so that will bring about the recovety of your sensitised nervous system and you will be free from all the symptoms you now experience.

So I say again, accept the symptoms and stop letting them frighten you half to death, utterly accept them, for that is the key to recovery and taking control of your body and your life.


Thank you Jeff 1943 ,Suzanne and Sara.

I guess that's what it is I don't and can't accept that all these symptoms can be anxiety and due to my panic disorder ta hard to believe that they can cause such pain and make you think your going mad!

I guess I was just panicky last night as I got this really weird sensation in my head my right side of my head around my right ear and behind t felt dull and horrible to touch and blocked which once again raced my mind think what if again x


Hannah I've had most symptoms of anxiety but the most recent one is this constant unbalanced/dizzy feeling for at least the past 6 months now. There's nothing wrong with my ears according to the doctors so they have put it down to my anxiety. I was told a great group to go to is mind in Newport rd but I didn't want to go on my own lol


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