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New to anxiety!

I've had this lump in my throat for a long time and ringing in my ears been to ALOT of doctors and emergency all said anxiety! I'm on escitolopram for about a week hopefully it'll help, I'm confused about even if I'm not feeling anxious and quite calm I still have these symptoms, I wish I had some understanding about all this and how it still happens even though I'm not anxious much, I still have negative thoughts though and that can lead to a funny chest

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Daz12. O.K. so you may feel calm and not anxious but your nerves are still over sensitised and ready to play tricks on you regardless of how you feel. It probably took months of worry, stress and overwork for you to make your nervous system over sensitised and it's not going to return to normal just because you're feeling calm at the moment. It will take some time to desensitise your nerves during which you will need to practice accepting al the symptoms of anxiety disorder that you experience. This means accepting all the bad feelings calmly and without fear bevause fear is what maintains your nerves in a sensitive state. Stop bombarding them with fear and they will begin to recover with time.

The lump in your throat is a very common symptom of anxiety called Globus Hystericus. At least 4 people report it on this website every week. It will pass when you stop feeding your nervous system with fear.

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Thank you this is very helpful


Daz12, the Acceptance method that has helped thousands to control and recover from anxiety disorder is described by Doctor Claire Weekes in her first book wtitten many years ago titled 'Self help with your nerves' U.K. version and 'Hope and help with your nerves' U.S. version available from Amazon new or used for a few £s or $s. I believe it will answer all your questions and set you on the path to recovery.


Just another thing is it normal for lymph nodes to enlarge, they are not always enlarged I think they go up and down depending on my anxiety, I've got another symptom aswell on the outside of my throat not always there but I do think about it a lot though and I had a semi panic attack this morning


I shall have a look for it thanks :)


And I keep having to clear my throat a lot to maybe because of my lump


Daz12, for your reassurancr go see your doctor about your lymph nodes. I think your trouble is too much introspection, if you think about any ppart of your body too much it can start to present you with symptoms. So pay less importance to your throat andstop feeding your anxiety with fear and all will go well with you.


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