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Lingering anxiety?

So I haven't posted in ages as I was doing really well with my anxiety. But I've just been wondering and wanted to ask before I go full on anxious and go back to who I was before (which I don't want)

Ok so I'm a very anxious person with social anxiety even talking on the phone makes me cry. But anyway I work nights and I work at a place where I'm probably the youngest one there and the next youngest person is probably like 30 so making best friends there isn't as easy as I feel like the odd one out.

I had to attend training yesterday which cause me a hell lot of anxiety because I had to face so many people I didn't know and most didn't talk to ever. So obvs I felt like I was about to go to the dentist. I also didn't know where to go. Anyway during my training which ended up not being that bad as the woman I work with asked me to sit with her which was nice and I felt comfortable around her and everyone was nice. Half an hour after the training started I was still shaky after being anxious about the training and my heart started racing and I felt breathless and I had the urge to hyperventilate but didn't as I didn't want to embarrass myself. Didn't help that it was a small room and there was 16 of us cramped up together in that room and it was really hot too and i starte to overbreethe in order to not feel breathless. Thank god we were allowed to have a break soon after so I was able to get some fresh air and walk around which did help.

When our training guy told us some of us had to say an answer to something I panicked thinking what if he picks me and I hate talking in front of so many people which made my heart race again and the overbreathing started again as well as chest tightness. Thank fully he didn't ask me. Anyway I had an afternoon shift that day and even tho I seemed calmer I had to work with a woman that isn't the nicest and made me do things I wasn't so sure about which caused me to stress also I was running on almost no sleep. And I had a headache. I also been told some disappointing news which interferes with my plans for my birthday on two weeks and now that's all I can think about how I'm gonna do those plans.

So here comes the question (sorry for such a long story) I got a good amount of sleep last night. And I woke up feeling well. I ate. And I'm not sure whether this started after I age or after I started thinking about that situation with my birthday which is still worrying me and bothering me but I felt breathless again meaning I have to excessively yawn or take deep breaths to satisfy that craving for a deep breath but my chest feel achey too. And that's about it and my worry is that there's something wrong and it's not anxiety coz why would I be feeling so anxious when I was so good for weeks now? So could the anxiety still be lingering on after yesterday? Or is that birthday situation causing me this? Or is there actually something wrong?

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Of course anxiety flares up comes and goes sound just like me a felt rather good for a while then I had a migraine a few days bk and it sent me feeling weird and since then I've been worrying so my anxiety is bk xx


Yeah I suppose maybe it's back because I'm worrying about a certain situation at the moment. But obvs with anxiety I think there's something else wrong, doesn't help I have health anxiety so


I think the whole stress of the work thing has probably caused a lot of anxiety, and everything is like coming at once and making it feel horrible... i feel ur pain

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It's good to know nothing is wrong then I guess as I was worried about that!


I don't think anything is physically wrong with you. I yawn a lot and I know it's anxiety. It's so weird!! I think you got worked up and when the slightest anxious thought pops into your head it just starts the anxiety ball rolling. Know that this will get better! It takes time and don't be so hard on yourself. 😊 And you're not alone.

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