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i've never had anxiety before in my life, until this summer. I got anxiety this summer when i left Paris (where I have been at university for a year) to go back to England where I live, in a very small town. I have always been a worrier but since being back I have had uncontrollable health and general anxiety. I constantly feel like i'm going to have a heart attack and am just generally really scared of dying. At the beginning of summer I had a seriously fast heart rate for about 2 months that came with pounding palpitations to the point where I started taking beta blockers which still did not help. At first I was so angry and upset that every time id go to a doctor or hospital they would tell me nothing was wrong and that it was just anxiety, because i really believed and still do that there is something very wrong. I am so new to anxiety that I dont really know what the symptoms are because mine are all physical, although i have become so emotional from the anxiety. I get tingling/numb hands and feet and terrible headaches, but my worry over my heart is one of the worst, but i'd say the worst is the "ugly butterflies" I get almost 24/7 (i learnt this term from extensive googling haha) I hope some of you know what i mean when i say that. The only time I feel a little better is when i'm with my boyfriend but its so hard for me and him as I know he doesn't understand even when i try to explain it. Does anyone have these symptoms of anxiety? Or should I take this more seriously and go to a doctor?


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  • Definitely go to the doctor.

  • Hi tilge22, what would cause you to have anxiety for the first time in your life when you returned to your home town? Why wouldn't it happen when you were away from home for a year? What you describe as your physical symptoms can be anxiety. Since you are new to this, it may be important to have a complete physical by a doctor in your home town first. Next is do not google your symptoms. It will only confuse you and cause you more worry. Your boyfriend may make you feel better but don't look to him for any answers. It is very difficult for anyone who doesn't suffer from anxiety to even come close to understanding what it's like. Address the things that bother you most. I would think it would be your heart palpitations and your terrible headaches. The ugly butterfly feelings will go away once you stop worrying about your other health issues. I wish you well in seeing your doctor to clear up some of these problems so then you can move forward. x

  • It all came very suddenly a few days after I got home. I dont have anything to do in my home town and hardly anyone to see and in Paris my life was so full of things all day everyday as well as living with my boyfriend so when i left I was very isolated, i think maybe thats where the anxiety came from (if it is anxiety) I am going to make an appointment tomorrow so hopefully i'll have some reassurance. Thank you so much for your answer, i really appreciate it! x

  • Thanks for responding. I was thinking it was just the opposite, being sad while you were in Paris longing to come back home. But it makes more sense in that you left your heart and your passion in Paris that coming home feels empty. I hope you do get the reassurance you need to be happy. x

  • Welcome 😊 We are not alone.

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