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Hi there was wondering if anyone can help me I'm 27 male and of the past 8 or 9 years Iv been suffering with anxiety well that's what my doctor is calling it me on the other hand think that I'm dying ... I can go months feeling normal but when it hits it hits bad and last weeks even months .. I'm constantly dizzy (light headed) feeling as though I'm looking threw someone's strong glasses and I can not see right then I feel as though I'm going to pass out but never do ... I can be just sitting there watching tv or even driving and all of a sudden I'll get a warm sension run threw my body and I'll get chest pains on the left side and going down my left arm then a feeling as though I can not breath and I'm breathing in warm air ... Soon as Iv had that episode I'll be poorly with chest pains for weeks and dizziness... And also sometimes when I'm going to sleep and almost in a deep sleep I'll feel really light headed and have a head run and wierd feelings in my body and I'll be awake for a hour or 2 trying to fight it and get to sleep.. Iv had all the tests done all normal and I'm still convinced I'm dying ... Iv tried to explain best I can please can someone help

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Im suffering with stress and anxiety so im in same boat i never believe what doctors say. It makes me ill :(


It's really messing up my life I don't know what to do

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Are u on any medication or have you had cbt


I'm not on anything and Iv had cbt mri ct blood tests you name it Iv had it but all normal I don't understand at all


I totally understand u i get a lot of pressure in my neck so always feels like ive got vertigo. I get pains in my arms and legs i get headaches. Ive had all bloods done all clear. U name it i feel it. I think its time i was on meds


Believe I know the feeling!!


Hi. You've explained your concerns really well.

I'd like to say that there HAS to be SOMETHING in your life that is causing this. Anxiety appears when there is something stressful in our lives that we are concerned about, particularly future events. Sometimes that concern can be a conscious one, or a subconscious one.

Once anxiety takes hold, the body's chemicals actually change. Have you ever been in an exam situation and found yourself shaking and/or agitated before you sat the exam? Ditto in terms of a job interview or public speaking. After we've completed the exam, or the public speaking event, job interview, our bodies settle down. That's because the mind's perceived threat is finally over. However, the MORE anxious we become about our symptoms, the MORE neurotransmitters (I think), known as cortisol fire off in our body. The longer you knowingly stay in this heightened state of being, then the longer it's going to take for your body to adjust.

Hot flushes like the one's you've been getting out of no-where, have been attributed to anxiety. And to me, they suggest that you've been in a heightened mental state for quite some time. I also get them even when I'm not consciously anxious. I simply make a note of it, and then continue doing whatever it was that I was doing.

What I would like for you to do is this: sit down with a piece of paper and pencil and REALLY think hard back to any life changing or stressful events you went through during the last eight or nine years. It is there that you will find the clues as to what types of things/situations/people etc have contributed and/or contribute to your feelings of anxiety. What were your symptoms at the time and how did you knowingly react during those times?

Believe it or not, I've been told a couple of times by different mental health-care professionals that anxiety is actually one of the most easily treated mental health disorders there is. All a person needs to do is to learn, and use daily, all the tools that are available to them to beat this thing. And yes, it CAN be beaten, BUT it does take regular work. You could of course take a pill but that would only mask the real problem. Once you stop taking anti-anxiety medication (benzos), the anxiety will return, and then some.

Also, low blood sugar often mimics anxiety even when we're not feeling particularly hungry. Are you eating regular meals preferably low GI foods? And finally, people aren't generally born anxious ... or so I'm told. We actually learn to be anxious from a very small age. Therefore, what was your upbringing like?

As you can see, there are a number of factors that contribute to this AWFUL condition, but the beauty is that it CAN BE TREATED so chin up!

Best wishes.


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