Alive and hoping to be on the path to recovery

I made it through my doc appointment dirty mirena is out and starting meds for my anxiety! Hope this is a new beginning


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  • Wishing you well

  • Thank you

  • You are on the road to recovery have done the hardest bit by going to your Dr and telling them you need you have the medication to take to help you ,please let us all know how you get on.and well done for getting help .

  • Thank you so much I will definitely keep everybody updated!

  • Hi

    I had my mirena out as it was giving me awful pain and putting weight on me (ive put 4 st on due to medication and illnesses)

    Hope that you get better. ..remember it may take about 3 to 4 cycles before hormones regulate again

  • I had sporadic cycles the whole 6 yrs I was on it, and it gave me horrible anxiety.. which I just started meds for. I also gained quit a bit of weight while on it definitely would never get an iud again!

  • Hi

    Not sure i have been following prober, but what have mirena been giving you of problems?

    I am very happy with mine so just wanted to hear...


  • Hi there I started getting anxiety 6 months after I got the mirena it got very bad to where they classified it as agoraphobia I gained about 60 lbs with it and my menstrual cycle was a mess. I'm glad you are doing good with yours everybody reacts different it just wasn't for me!

  • I hope things will get better for you now then 😊

  • I also tried the mirena for 9 months to treated suspected adenomyosis. With ultrasound scans I knew it was in the right place and doing it's job keeping the lining of the womb thin. However for me it gave me horrendous sciatic pain to the point where at times I couldn't walk. As I kept a migraine pain diary I could see a pattern which seemed to show that my ovulation hadn't been switched off by mirena. I think it is the case that it doesn't completely switch off the cycle for all women. I have found lots of other women on line reporting similar back/sciatic problems. If it works for you it can really be a great help with endometriosis but it certainly can also cause problems.

    I really hope you get relief now from the anxiety.

  • Hi,

    I had to have my mirena removed in the emergency department of my local hospital 6 weeks ago as I was nauseous (hadn't had sex in months due to 2 laproscopys to treat stage 4 endo - so I knew I wasn't pregnant) and in severe pain and it is the best thing I did.

    The nausea and sharp pain disappeared within 2 days. I am now able to sleep more than 4 hours a night. I have also stopped smoking (anxiety and insomnia were torture for the 3 months I had the mirena inserted). It is not a good drug. Lots of women have issues with it.

    I have found light exercise, acupuncture and trying to eat better has helped with the pain management and has reduced the anxiety. The gyne mentioned that it can take a minimum of 2 - 4 months for your hormones to recover, so take it one day at a time as hormones can play havoc with our minds.

    If you are getting sharp pain, try a clove oil heat pack (youtube video shows now it works) it acts as an anti inflammatory and is amazing for pain relief. I have had to stop taking pain killers cos they were not working, the clove oil heat pack is really good and also helps you to relax.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advice, the anxiety is definitely awful I wish I never would have got the mirena!

  • me too. Never again.

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