Think I'm on the road to recovery

Haven't posted on here for a while as I haven't needed to go on,this time a month ago I was very bad with my anxiety ie dizzyness,feeling shaky,lightheaded got to the stage where I couldn't get in my car and drive,in the past month I have drove everyday,booked a holiday and done normal things! I feel great and can't believe I let it take over my life like I did! If I can do this all u can xx


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  • Well done, really pleased to hear your doing so well 😊

    I've had a rough few weeks 😩 Hope I can start doing some positive things.

    Keep it up, you should be proud 😁 X

  • That's brilliant you should be so proud 😊.

    Did you change anything in your life or do anything to get you on the right path? Xx

  • The only thing I've changed is my attitude towards it,I know there's nothing wrong with me so when I get a symtom I just ignore it and it goes away,I know sometimes it's hard to but it does work xx

  • That's great to hear I'm happy for you! How did you overcome it? Are you taking medication?

  • No I've ever bee on medication,I just sat down and said to myself I'm not letting it win me again,I started having a panic attack last week in my car but I controlled it and it went straight away,feeling normal feels weird at first but loving life now xxx

  • Hi warkie, I remember well your post a while ago. I am very happy for you in feeling great and doing normal things again. It must be a fantastic feeling. Thanks for the positive post that there is always hope in finding a happy ending. x

  • I never thought I would get to this stage as it was always a vicious circle but think that circle has broke now xxx

  • Have a great day! :)

  • Were u dizzy all the time? I am and cant believe this could be anxiety alone x

  • Yes I was dizzy everyday,it was awful,but now think to myself it's only anxiety as something would have happened as I suffered with it for 3 years xx

  • How did you get better? Xx

  • I was getting rely bad with it and I sa down 1 night looked at my little girl and said to myself I can't carry on like this anymore,she was suffering too,I couldn't drive anywhere cos of this horrible illness,so the next day I told her I would take her to the coast,so I got in my car and took her,I did have bad symtoms driving but just ignored them,we had the best day ever and from then on I feel normal again xxx

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