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Be glad to see the back of 2017

Been a horrible year. My first spell of anxiety and panic attacks. Never realised how much damage anxiety could do. Real eyeopener. Now theres a heavy snowfall and ive caught a bad cold to go along with my insomnia and anxiety. Lol

Really looking forward to seeing this year end.

Have to keep positive...gonna put up my christmas decorations tomorrow. :)

Hope everyone has a better 2018 xx

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sarahjaneR, we take life as it comes in stages... There's something about the end of the year that makes us reflect back at both the good and the bad times. If it were a great year then we hope to carry that into the new year. But if it were a bad one, then we have the option to leave it behind us and look forward to the upcoming new year.

2017 certainly was a learning experience and an eye opener for you. Maybe it's made you stronger as a person. Being positive is certainly the way to go in life. Since you can't go anywhere with the heavy snowfall and having caught a bad cold, it might be an ideal time for you to stay inside. Put on some Christmas music, put up the Christmas decorations and settle back with a cup of hot cocoa and experience the beauty of this time of year both inside and out.

Feel better soon! xx

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Thank you Agora xx

Certainly will make me stronger. Hadn't realised just how strong you need to be to deal with it.

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I totally mirror your words... my first spell of anxiety, depression and panic attacks, and now on various pills to allow me to function... bye bye 2017..we really are glad to see the back of you!

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Hi SarahjaneR, if you don't already, you should take a B vitamin complex. It seems to help the nervous system. My pharmacist said some of us don't absorb enough through food and need to take it. (This was for your other post about insomnia and anxiety)


I'm totally with you. This year has been very rough with panic attacks and anxiety- and now I have a cold. I'm totally looking for to 2018!

Hope you enjoy your holidays!❤️


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