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Thought I was having a good day at last

As the title says, after a horrible 2 weeks of my anxiety coming back like a ton of bricks and being uncontrollable I thought today was me getting back to me being me again, even got my biposy results for my colposcopy and they are all fine so thought finally I can relax. I've been eating and sleeping better the past few days. And just now while making dinner for my kids out of nowhere I just had the feeling of sheer fear and panic in my stomach. I wasn't even thinking or worrying about anything at all and now that horrible dreaded feeling is back. If you've read my other posts you'll probably have seen how bad I've been (my worst if I'm honest) and I didn't want to feel this feeling of pure fear again, its so hard to explain the feeling. So that put me off having dinner cos it made me feel so so sick and now I'm trying to figure out why on earth this feeling has appeared.

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Samjam, maybe your anxiety is caused by worry about your health, the reason you had the biopsy. That worry has affected your nervous system causing it to become over sensitised. Then you get the good news and yhe reassurance that the biopsy results are fine so no need to worry about that one any more.

But that doesn't mean that your nerves will instantly become de-sensitised because of the good news. You may have been bombarding your nervous system with fears for a very long time so it's going to take a while fir your nerves to return to normal. And that's so long as you don't sensitise them with further fear.

How long you will take to recover is hard to say but so long as you accept any symptoms or bad feelings as just unimportant things caused by your nerves playing tricks on you, and you accept them calmly and with little fear, then you can be sure that the days of your anxiety are numbered and you are on course to regain your peace of mind once more.


Thank you so much for the reply. That all makes sense, I just truly wish it would be easier now that I know that's 1 thing that's fine. I've just never been this bad with anxiety so it's hard to remember how normal each day can be. I went 6 months just there with little to no anxiety and that was no medication or help other than 3 sessions of emdr and I managed to regain the control on my own. Just can't remember how I did it 6 months ago.


May I suggest that you would find it very helpful in helping you to recover from anxiety disorder if you ordered from Amazon a copy of Claire Weekes' well known book "Self help with you nerves". Many people have recovered by reading this book and those people with inherited anxiety find it allows them to take control of their anxiety. Over 90% of the several hundred reader reviews rated it Very Good or Excellent. It was written msny years ago but its continued popularity shows that it has withstood the test of time. (Also titled in the u.s. "Hope and help with your nerves", same book, same authoress.


Thank you ever so much. I will certainly order it and give it a try and let you know how I get on. Willing to try anything if it's got a chance at helping me overcome this.

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