Getting out of hand again

It's flared up again. Th old anxiety bug! I need to vent! I've had horrific acid reflux for 4-5days now, chest pains and fluttering from wind coming up, makes me tense and my arms tingle and ache so much. Tired of this. The sides of both shoulders and arms are aching I'm assuming it's because I'm so tense! It's awful! I tried to get to the doctors but it's just swings and roundabouts. The 'it could be my heart' thoughts keep creeping back in! Very irritating


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  • Just try to take a deeeeeeeeeeeep breath and count to 20. I do have those occasionally but thank God I have got my doggies and cats to help me over this.

    I received injections in one of my elbow because they were hurting sooo much. But the side effect was that your finger can feel numb but also stiff like stones.

    At the moment my anxiety has calmed down.

    Just try to take a deep breath. What you could do is every time you getting those anxiety bug just sit down for few minutes and try to ignore all the negative thoughts and breathe slowly in and out until you have calmed down. It's help me soo much especially when I am out around. Always finding a seating place and just sitting there and give me time to relax from the anxiety attack. Perhaps this will help you too? Just a suggestions...

    Lot of hugs

  • Hey thanks. I'm trying to just accept all the pains & aches and acid I'm gettngbis all anxiety/stress. I have a hard time accepting its not something more serious at the mo. Which is a pain ! I'll try a bit of deep breathing thanks

  • Have you tried to defuse the acid in your stomach and make your body more alkaline ?. Bicarbonate of soda helps with it and so does Magnesium salt. I sufferd it terrible till I made my body more alkaline.

  • I too suffer with acid reflux, I now take lansoprazole in the morning and ranitidine before bed and I only really get acid bad now if my anxiety is severe and I haven't ate in a few days but usually 2 Tums helps settle it. I understand how you Feel, at my worse when it was the reflux causing my anxiety I ended up being taken into hospital cos I honestly thought it was a heart attack, got an ecg and blood tests and everything came back clear. That helped calm me for a while but as we all know that only lasts a few hours/days before the anxiety comes back. I got an ecg on Monday night at a&e due to chest pains and that was all fine but here I am again with chest pains and trying my hardest not to let the anxiety over take me. I do know how hard it is and I'm still struggling to keep a grip on it but I wanted to let you know your not alone.

  • That makes me feel so much better thankyou! I just feel so tense. If I tend emy chest muscles they ache as do both arms. Just constant aches from stressing about it! You can do it! I've done that and had all the tests, if I hadn't had heart tests I'd be at the doctors now

  • We could be twins! Just know you are not alone!

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