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My psychologist said something to me and it's making me think. She was saying how holding in emotions can cause physical pain and bring on illnesses. I'm just wondering how true this is. I've had blood tests done and they all came back good/negative etc. I just have to get my mind right I guess. I'm changing my career, signed up for online college, and start a new job Monday. If this doesn't work then idk what to say lol. Then I'm going to seek further help and maybe consider meds to get my mind back right. Some people are suggesting weed but I think that'll make me even worse.

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The SAD trio (stress, anxiety and depression) all trigger your chemical responses and if not returned to normal then present as inflammatory responses = physical pain and illnesses.

Great that you have signed up for a course and starting a new job. Just be careful you are not taking on too much at once.

Fawn Fitter wrote an excellent book called "Working in the Dark" to help keep you at work when you have a mental illness.

If therapy doesn't give you 100% recovery then meds together definitely will make a difference. There are quite a few to choose from but make the decision together with your prescriber.

Marijuana @ weed is not good for anxious people.

There is some research that medical marijuana may be useful - see the link


Hey Thank You for the information and confirming what my therapist said. Someone mentioned medical marijuana. Thank You for the suggestions and link. I'll check it out.

no weed honey please it gave me panic attacks that's how my anxiety carier started because i tried it once in my life 😖 since that no alcohol no nothing because if i don't feel normal i instantly panic.

oh and i heard that too as i'm holding in my emotions and act like a strong person...

Yes I'm staying away from it. I read the article to the link above and explains what's in the medical marijuana to help treat anxiety but idk. I'm getting desperate lol. Do you see a therapist at all?

hi my friend lost his dad over 20 years ago most of that time he held in his emotions but he was getting really stressed at work and bang 20 years of emotions brought him down.i always think its better to be open with your feelings that way you manage better.short term weed might help but you would hate to be on it long term.

I've ALWAYS been the one to hold in my emotions... If I wanted to cry I didn't.... If I felt hurt I ignored it and now look at me... lol

Tanae, that is a good sign when something your psychologist has said, is making you think. The door of your mind is opening to suggestions, possible medication to get your mind back on track. You have taken that first big step. And it is true that holding in emotions can cause physical pain and make you more susceptible to illness. Good Luck on your new start. xx

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Hi, Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it

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:) xx

Good luck. Re. Weed when I took it years and years ago it would often make me feel paranoid at the time and the next day. There is a good website Talk To Frank where you can look at drugs, effects etc, it's unbiased

Okay Thanks

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Do not smoke weed lol the people that tell you that have not experienced the type of anxiety people with GAD or GPD have.

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I'm staying away from it. I tried it before years ago and was messed up for months and then tried it again about 3 years ago with alcohol and it just made me really hungry lol

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