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Hi everyone! This is the 3rd post I've put on here since I became a member and I have been doing much better! I feel in the short time I've had these anxiety symptoms, I've learned how to keep them at bay a lot better. Sure, I'm not perfect and I've still had issues of feeling anxious, hazy vision, occasional hot flushes and feeling a bone spot on the back of my head and worrying about it...fairly certain it's nothing cuz it only bothers me when I mess with it. But I have 2 weeks till my doctor visit and I'm gonna keep doing my best 2 get even better! I wanna thank everybody 4 the support and kind words they've said, it means the world 2 me, and as always with those struggling, me and the rest of the community will be there 4 u!

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Hi csheezy_152, I think if there were a prize given for anyone getting ahold of their Anxiety the fastest, it would be you. What an uplifting post. With every sentence you wrote I see "Acceptance" as a big part of you winning over anxiety. As amazing as this forum may be with the support and understanding you get, it still had to come from you. "Hi 5". Wishing you continued success in going forward. :)

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Thank u 4 saying that, it means a lot! Don't know if I deserve an award quite yet cuz I'm not completely better in every regard, and I never actually got diagnosed with it 4 sure being anxiety yet, cuz it could end up being something else. Regardless though, I had 2 work very hard 2 even get 2 this point, so I am taking pride in that! But anyway, I wish u all the best as well!

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