It has been so hard to find peace

Hi everyone. Life is good, I am blessed and happy to be alive. But I truly am struggling so bad to find my peace with all of this. I feel so scared most of the time or overwhelmed. I take in all the good advice you all give me, and I do apply it...but it is only a short time before it adds up again and I fall. I have a doctor appointment Wednesday, but that's besides the spirit feels soooo broken. I know Jesus loves me and struggle is a part of growth and learning...but when will I find my peace again? God is good...I am just so ashamed to admit I am so weak these days, and my faith is broken. Where did myself go?

Be well friends.


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11 Replies

  • Do mot be ashamed we all go thru that rough patch i know how u feel but dont beat yourself up u have been giving some good advice and i know u proably try take in and follow some advice i do too but sometimes this anxiety just knocks us down.

    I have been struggling and now developed a new symptom i have to go to the doctor today because i feel like i am about to loose it and that something is terribly wrong just like you i have been trying to exercise again its hard but i try my best and do it. Is there anything u can pin point to say whats making u feel this way?

  • I am so sorry. Thank you for your response. Good luck at the doctor.

  • No need to be sorry

  • Stay_strong85, Your wish is granted...sending you a "big" hug. You're never alone in the forum. xx

  • Thank you...I know. You all are so wonderful. I am just having a hard time figuring out WHO I am. Am I the weak scared person, or the strong happy person...ugh. so hard to know anymore.

  • Every single person on the planet will have weak and strong moments, its part of who we are, it's part of what makes us human, but remember, even with are weaknesses, we are the most intelligent species on this earth, we have conquered, we have invented, we have developed, we have built etc etc, so don't feel bad about your weak days or thoughts, your human and your amazing :-) xxxx

  • <3

  • Thank you. It will be ok. Just gotta pull through the bad days like these. I am determined to make it better. ☺

  • Hi Stay Strong

    You are not broken. It is just the anxiety making you think and feel that way. The real you is buried beneath all those symptoms and waiting to surface. Don't expect instant recovery when just starting out by letting go because it takes time for the mind and body to heal. Just keep allowing it all to happen and your attitude will change from fearing the symptoms to not caring about them while carrying on living your life. I know this may feel like a million miles away but it is a journey you will complete. You have it within you to recover. Everybody does, they just might not realise it in their current state and no special reserves of courage are needed. Just accept that all the symptoms you have, and any new ones, is anxiety at work and stop chasing your tails and questioning it all. Do some research about anxiety and understand how it manifests itself. The more you understand, the more you lose your fear of the symptoms which is keeping it alive. It also makes it easier to accept compared to accepting something blindly. Visit a website called Anxiety No More created by an ex-sufferer called Paul David. It contains a lot of useful information which will help in your recovery. It's all about changing attitudes which won't happen overnight because your nerves have become sensitised and need time to heal but it will happen when you stop fighting/complaining about the symptoms and mean it (I feel rubbish but never mind, it's only anxiety playing tricks).

  • Thank you.

  • Thank you everyone. I am feeling more hopeful.

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