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Wishing everyone peace of mind today

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Just sitting here looking out the window drinking my coffee thinking about starting my day. I’m not gonna let anything ruin my day. One of The hardest things I’ve been dealing with right now is loneliness. But since I’ve found this group I feel so much less alone. It has really made a difference in my life. Thank you everyone I wish you peace today Hugs.

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That’s so awesome. Glad to be here for you. Glad you found us.

Today I am trying to enjoy not doing too much. There are some things I need to get done but in between I want to rest because I feel sick and I just started taking a high dose of a ? Sedadive

Yeah that’s what I’m doing (resting in between) everything in moderation and remember there’s always tomorrow :-)

Oh good reminder yeah there’s alwsys tomorrow.

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Learning to 'take it easy' has been such a challenge for me. I've been 'hyperactive' my entire life. But when I manage it, some of the best days follow.

Same here I was typing a plus person until I broke my neck in a car accident had to learn to live with myself and except just good enough. hope you have a great day :-)

You too, work!

I wish the same for you too! Happy Tuesday!

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I’m glad you found us 😊🌹

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