ugh im feeling awful something has to be wrong with my body

So i came out to relieve this stress of whas been going on i came with my friend to a djspot he does music but now ever sense last night my pulse in my neck beating hard and fast and the side of my neck hurts like where the pulse beats both sides of my neck its annoying and im getting sweaty hands and feeling hot i feel like i damage artery in my neck or something its like my nervous system has a problem like its messed up it has my body in a excerlerating mode like everything wants to beat fast my pulse my heart both all together make my body have a feeling like shaky like about to have sizure something has to be causing all this its like one day im just goig to die and it would be to late or something might happen i hate coming out but i do to force myself to have fun and forget but its like its always coming taking control my body on its own i need some advise last time i talk about this but i dont know it has to be soemthing wrong another thing is that i get these thig called a attack like paroxysmal attacks i found t on google and it feels the same thing how it does describe.

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  • You should talk to your doctor about getting on an anti anxiety or anti depressant medication. It's gonna be really hard for you to fight this on your own given its been awhile.

    That way maybe you can live your life easier without anxiety following you everywhere you go

  • You think its all anxiety though relative ?

  • I really really do, bc I feel the exact same way and I feel better when I'm on anxiety medication

  • Yeah but the things i dont want get on it forever in order for me to be feeling better you know

  • I know, but you won't be on it forever, I was only on it for a year. And now I'm wayyy better than before.

    And wouldn't you like to relax for awhile so that you can get this under control? I think all you need is to get your body and mind a break from all the worryiing and it will chill out with all the crazy symptoms

  • it just all the crazy sumpthoms thats getting me worried everyday because its not one day i dont get them its everyday.

  • Me too. Everyday

  • how did yours started and how long ?

  • When I go out anywhere like that I get panic JUST like that.

    I have panic disorder

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