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So last night I posted about being worried about a college interview :(

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It's happening- I've woken up early feeling so sick, the stomach Ache and diahrea, I woke up to my heart racing for the first time whilst being asleep :( ugh this feeling of sick in my throat is awful - im now having all of the thoughts about not going too.. :( fuck I hate this its stopping me from doing so much with my life. Anyone got any solutions or anything?

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It's all nerves and anxiety. Take a shower and freshen up. Find some relaxing music or guided meditation to listen to and spend some time listening to theses (YouTube). Think positive and tell your self positive things - you got this!!! Take some Imodium for the unsettled tummy and do your thing. Good luck xx

Hi how you feeling now ? Are you calming down,you have all the classic anxiety symptoms ,sudden need to rush to toilet ,palpitations, feeling sick etc. Take imoduim take some deep breaths ,drop shoulders as repeat relax relax hope this helps and hope you have the strength to go for your interview because you will get better.

I'm on my way thrre now, I feel terrible :( I think I just worry (cause of all my symptoms) something bad is going to happen to me

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Awesome, you can do it! This could be a great future for you. Remember, think positive.

How did it go?

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It went well thank you!!! Got a place straight away and started on Monday so I had no choice than to just get up and go... had a bit of a wobble on Tuesday and didn't go but apart from that it's been good. I've even met a guy hahahaha !! Not so good this morning and worrying about going back Monday but just trying to have a positive look on things xx

Congratulations! Onwards and upwards. Take a deep breath and go! You met a guy?! I don't know if I approve lol joke. Pm anytime.

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