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started my meds last night ...and i slept through the night

I stared my meds last night i am happy to say i feel rested and i don't feel panicking this morning i hope i have found something that works for me and the head pressure is almost gone ...I hope i can just stop thinking about panicking now bc i am finding my self saying something wrong bc i don't feel the panic that bc i am so use to feeling that why ,,,has anyone ever thought that one they have stoped panicking

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Hi BB81. Look into a book (Kicking the Thinking Habit) You`ll find it online Take a look and I`m sure you will find some coping methods that will work for you The Brain is a merry trickster. Knowing that.. and finding ways to fight back is paramount.. Have a great day...steve



I am so pleased you are taking your new medication & it seems to be working :-)

Yes I have thought that to & got anxious because I have realized I have gone a day or more without those feelings that even though they are not nice our bodies get used to feeling anxious & then when we dont we feel strange as it has been a while since we have felt what it is like to be anxiety free !

Please try not to fear it , its normal , enjoy it & I hope it long continues :-)





if you dont mind me asking,what meds r u taking,I can't find one dat dosent make me panic,and I feel I need Miarose..xx


I am taking paxil and klonopin and so far so good i seelp through the night i wake up and i dont feel panickey at all


Hi I'm happy too hear that your doing very good :) I've been on paxil for about 4 months and It helps me so much to fight my anxiety and panic I used too take Xanax almost everyday for a year and I'm Xanax free now :) I do get my thoughts like if I'm dieing and have cancer and I worry about my girlfriend but I don't get too the point where I feel I'm out of control anymore, it's my mind and sometimes I just feel sick but I don't let get outta control if it helps I think paxil works it's just that it's always gonna be a battle you just can't give up and keep fighting anxiety


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