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Worried about being happy?

Has anyone ever had the feeling that they are worried because they are happy? Everything in my life at the moment is falling into place and all I can think is 'when is something going to go wrong?' I have suffered from depression and panic attacked for around 6 years. Only recently have I found myself getting help, doing cbt and home help. I do feel much much better but I cannot shake this something bad is bound to happen feeling....

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Just the same feelings for me,I feel the happiness deep down wanting to come out but it doesn't,about 18 months ago I sometimes was happy and ok and I felt I didn't deserve it when other people were unhappy,then I would worry about when the anxiety would come back,it stop you from having a good life,I feel my life is just speeding along and not letting me live.I also am always waiting on something bad going to happen.My. Worries are stupid,things which might never happen but they are so real.I am not getting help as I don't want to take medication and feel ashamed with myself for being like this.


I feel exactly the same way Sir. I have no end to those feelings and I feel bad for not being able to properly communicating those feelings to people and on a daily basis I feel like I am pushing people farther and farther away because when I get anxious and my chest starts burning I feel as if I'm not even there like I'm in a different world where some one else is doing the talking for me and I can tell people can tell but there's like nothing I can do because of the situation and I feel stuck and sometimes it feels like something is just going to burst through my chest.


I also do not want any medication but I feel bad for not wanting medication but also feel bad for possibly wanting medication and its a mess.



Be thankful for the the happy times, the good thing is things are improving, it sounds to me like you have been anxious for all those years that you may be having trouble beleiving your luck, If you can try not to pay any attention to the anxiety you are feeling for now and embrace all the good that is happening in your life. It sounds great. You are at a place where most of us on here want to get to. Enjoy it, it is real and happening for you.

All the best



Hi FF.

I've had that and it isn't half confusing! Lol. As an example my partner and I are looking to move. We found our dream place the other day and I iamgined walking around it done up to our style, and found I panicked when I thought about it like it was so good it was bad if that makes sense...in my head I just ended up going 'Oh shush, what a load of rubbish, why on earth would you panic about being happy'. Lol.

I completely agree with Dimitri. Not giving the anxiety room to escalate and concentrating on the good things. You have made those good feelings and you have knocked back the anxiety so you can knock back those final pieces raising their heads.



But it doesn't feel right to have to battle for it, ya know? it feels like I should just be able to handle happiness like a normal person.


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