Does anyone find their anxiety (fear) is at it's highest point when they first wake up? If I wake early there is no point in trying to get back to sleep or just lay in bed to relax, panic grips me and I feel it's best to get up and try to be active with the hope it will keep my mind off the fear. This is a sad way to live each day, frustrating and annoying too!


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  • I can relate.Mine is at its highest point when I wake up and when I'm about to sleep.I've been trying hard not to feel like shit when I wake up..lying down makes it worse.But like what you mentioned..distraction helps a lot.

  • I hear you. Mine is normally less at night which goes along with the diagnosis it is cortisol (as it lessens as the day progresses). I just want to be a "normal" person again....not that I can remember what that was like! Family and friends tire of hearing complaints yet it feels very alone with no one to talk to

  • My anxiety is high as soon as I wake, your not alone x

  • Thank you for replying. I often wonder if there ever will be a day when I am "normal".

  • There will be just got to keep fighting 💪

  • I can relate, I always wake up with a racing heart beat and trying to get changed in a morning is difficult and just makes it go faster it seems. Was told it's because of a lack of sugar as haven't eaten and I'm low so that causes more anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Yes, one dr. told me to keep some hard candy by my bedside and take one when I woke, however it didn't help. They found I have a growth on my adrenal gland and feel that my cortisol level is sky high when I wake, the "fight or flight" hormone. I can't get in to see a specialist until Dec. Of course it doesn't help worrying about "what if" this growth is cancerous or what if it grows. Some times all just seems to be too much and simply no hope.

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