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Anxiety iff the charts , depression looming on thw door step

Ive been off work due to a anxiety attack back on 4.19.17 Ive been too two Dr's during this time off now my new Dr. Said its time ti return to work over the last 6 months ive only been in my location 3 timea and every time its a complete stresser. I tried to explaining to my Dr. What ive been dwaling with foe the last two weeks from our last visit and he didnt wven want to hear it didnt set a follow up date just over all not helpfull . Im so ANGRY confused scared and im totally sick at him throwing more and more meds at the problem he didnt even ask what effects the medication im on was doing just upping the dose and and brusshing me off , usually he ask if i want to hurt my self or any one else i swear today hi was on top of that list. My wife decided to aett up another appointment i can't wait to get ut off my chest just how depress,scared,bitter, and wanting to hurt someone i feel . Now i can look forward to dealing with people in my supervisor position and oh no stress whith black Friday on the list of things do do, in my #2 in sales co. That i work for . Just feeling a little dismayed with the whole situation

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Hi Pannow, I'm sorry I just saw your post today. I agree in that it is very frustrating and sets you up for confusion and anger when it feels as if doctors don't care. Some GPs are not trained enough in handling mental illness and get frustrated themselves in having to deal with emotional issues. They only thing they know is the prescription pad in hopefully relieving your anxiety.

Pannow, it does take a doctor who is professionally trained in psychiatrics or psychology in order for you to get both the help and the understanding you need. You do need to address the issue of a possible thought of harming yourself or someone else. That is something that cannot be brushed aside. Your position as supervisor in sales is demanding and needs you as clear headed and calm as can be.

I'm glad you found this forum because we do understand what you are feeling and going through. Please have your wife support you by setting up an appointment with someone else who may be more trained in what you need. If the feelings of self harm get too alarming, please go to the nearest ER. Your safety and the safety of others around you are crucial. Keep us updated


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