Hi, I've got bad anxiety

It started getting really bad about 9 weeks ago when I had a bad lower back, went to the doctors they told me it was a u t I and gave me antibiotics, It still wouldn't go away the pain and I googled my systems I thought I had cancer. That was it I went to a&e they just gave me more antibiotics told me the other ones didn't work.i still felt ill aches pains everywhere I thought I was going to die

Went back to the doctors said I was ok

Then 2 days later I still had pain so went back to hospital. They admitted me for 1 night thinking it was kidneys in the end they said the uti had gone I had muscular problems due to anxiety gave me 5 days diazipan

They told me I was ok. I went back to the doctors again 3 days later saying I felt ill

He sat with me for 25 minutes explaining everything to me and thst helped me a lot

everytime I ache or have a pain I read up on it.

I must try and stop this as it makes me so poorly..

Anyone else like this please?


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  • Yes I'm the same google health issues all the time I've been having counselling and they have told me its health anxiety I have due to my always ill and tired. Can't seem to pull myself together.try meditation a app I use is headspace great to listen to.keep strong distract yourself have a Bath cuppa a treat .it will get better.😊

  • Yep I used to do it all the time and it made me 1000000x worse. Don't google it will turn into a nightmare. Best see a psychologist and your doctor. Stay strong X

  • Thanks was at doctors yesterday menapause as well😳So feeling awful but your kind words have helped started seeing a phyologist the months ago was referred from stroke team.helping a little ive got to keep trying.enjoy your weekend xx

  • Hi, mines not menapause

    I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage 2 days ago. So with getting a uti to been pregnant at 46 my heads all over the place. Is my aches all over my body due to a miscarriage

    I'm in a state.

  • My god you are going through it you poor thing 🙏You have been through such a lot.try and be kind to yourself rest and not being to hard yourself.physical and emotional pain very difficult time for you .i hope you have support at home and get well soon.take care I'm thinking of you.xx

  • Thank you very much for your kind words xx

  • You are not alone I end up in emergency evry time I have panic atack that how bad is for me. I google all the simptom for every pain and now I know all in my brain I don't need to google I just go straight to panic atack.Today I was so close of going again because I was not able to calm myself thinking I have a Brest cancer but luckily after half an hower I somehow calm myself

  • Hi it's hell being like this I'm obsessed with my health been a nurse 35 years and never thought I would be a patient my family try but I know they want me to pull myself together as I do!!!!but been off work today as got a 3am migraine and thought I was going to have another so glad you replyed as I feel I'm not alone won't take antidepressants as have in the past and made me like a space keep strong and if you need a moan I'm here we will try not to google symptoms 😷Xx

  • Googling symptoms is the worse thing we can go. It just acts like fuel to the fire. Ride out the way of panic. It's bound to get over. We were not made to be in the state of anxiety forever after all.

  • Wave* of panic

  • Yes I suffer from health anxiety so nothing feels enough at times with all this check ups but it will exhaust you

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