Recurring and mostly persistent Headaches from about 2 months .. Really worried about anything serious ??

Recurring and mostly persistent Headaches from about 2 months .. Really worried about anything serious ??

I have had a this headache in the back of my head from 10 july when i was playing football and suddenly while pushing my self forward i felt pain the back of the head .. i thought of this as a tension which will go after a day by itself .. but the next morning when i woke up i still felt some pressure in my head .. so i went to my gp which gave some ibuprofen and told me it will go by itself soon ... but it went on continuing for weeks then one day my pain was so severe that i could not bear it ... and thus i went to hospital and thus they took an xray of my head .. but it came normal ... and gave me medicines about headaches and antidepressants .. then after 2 days of severe headache it was somewhat relieved to 4/10 from 9/10 intensity of pain .... after then i had moderate to mild amount of pain everyday .. for about a month.. then i got rid of it a one of my doctor at the hospital told me to go for a cat scan ..and thus they told that it is normal ..i am really depressed about this of having daily headaches .. i cant really do anything .. i only get some of the days where i can do something rest i am on my bed wondering what has happened to me ... can any one please tell me what is the cause of my daily bad headache .. which is mostly on the left side of my head .. totally shattered and wrecked please help me out ...


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  • I use to have horrible migraines sometimes in the back of my head abd neck sometimes on the side.... anxiety and stress was the cause of it. I thought it was cancer or something but it wasn't. People with GAD usually suffer from migraines that last days

  • How long did you had these headaches

  • I suffer these migraines for months i usually get little breaks, like I'll be in pain for 9 days then i would feel better than it will come back again.Some use to be so severe i would be laying down afraid to make any movement

  • I wish even your slightest suffering vanishes away and never comes back ... it's really hard to live with so much pain 😞 I am totally depressed

  • Im much better now thanks... are you stressing about something that might also be making your pain worse

  • I have persistent pain from mild to moderate even from past 4 to 5 days i didnt felt pain in my head

    But i started again yesterday ... and its a dull ache now ...

    i am also afraid about brain tumor .. even my ct scan came normal i am still worried about it 😔

  • I know what you mean, i thought so too...but you're okay, your ct scan is normal try focusing on positive things. All that worrying will make it worse

  • I hope i get well soon.. i want my normal life back :(

  • Im sorry ur in so much pain

  • Aamir147147 I can understand daily head pain which I had for years. One sided migraines and full headed tension headaches. I had no life because of the pain. Mine did prove to be caused from stress and anxiety. MRI & CT scan were done to rule out any medical issue.

    However, in your case, the fact that you got that pain suddenly while playing football makes me wonder if you might have spasms causing trigger points in the back of your head. Having had a CT scan that came out clear is good however an MRI would show more of a picture because it does slices of the brain pics. A neurologist who specializes in chronic headaches may be the way to go. Taking medication for pain can just exacerbate the pain by causing rebound headaches.

    I wish you well. No one realizes how head pain can take over our lives when it's on a daily basis. Hope you find some answers. Let us know how you do.

  • how did your headaches went away ?? And were they everyday

  • Yes Aamir147147, Yes my headaches were daily for years. However, please read blackcat's response to you. We are not doctors, but hearing first hand from someone who can relate to your headaches can help you in finding relief. Keep posting on the forum for support and help. I hope an answer is found for you. Living with daily headaches is not living. My best, Agora1

  • Hi Aamir147147,

    I have had 3 concussions - this sounds like you have a post concussion syndrome

    Post-concussion syndrome is a complex disorder in which various symptoms — such as headaches and dizziness — last for weeks and sometimes months after the injury that caused the concussion.

    Concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury that usually happens after a blow to the head. It can also occur with violent shaking and movement of the head or body. You don't have to lose consciousness to get a concussion or post-concussion syndrome. In fact, the risk of post-concussion syndrome doesn't appear to be associated with the severity of the initial injury.

    In most people, symptoms occur within the first seven to 10 days and go away within three months. Sometimes, they can persist for a year or more.

    The goal of treatment after concussion is to effectively manage your symptoms.


    There is no specific treatment for post-concussion syndrome. Your doctor will treat the individual symptoms you're experiencing. The types of symptoms and their frequency are different for everyone.


    Medications commonly used for migraines or tension-type headaches, including some antidepressants, antihypertensive agents and anti-epileptic agents, appear to be effective when these types of headaches are associated with post-concussion syndrome. Medications are usually specific to the individual, so you and your doctor will discuss which are most appropriate for you.

    Keep in mind that the overuse of over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers may contribute to persistent post-concussion headaches.

    Memory and thinking problems

    No medications are currently recommended specifically for the treatment of cognitive problems after mild traumatic brain injury. Time may be the best therapy for post-concussion syndrome if you have cognitive problems, as most of them go away on their own in the weeks to months after the injury.

    Certain forms of cognitive therapy may be helpful, including focused rehabilitation that provides training in the specific areas that you need to strengthen. Some people may need occupational or speech therapy. Stress can increase intensity of cognitive symptoms and learning stress management strategies can be helpful to decrease cognitive symptoms. Relaxation therapy also may help.

    Depression and anxiety

    The symptoms of post-concussion syndrome often improve after the affected person learns that there is a cause for his or her symptoms and that they will likely improve with time. Education about the disorder can ease a person's fears and help provide peace of mind.

    If you're experiencing new or increasing depression or anxiety after a concussion, some treatment options include:

    •Psychotherapy. It may be helpful to discuss your concerns with a psychologist or psychiatrist who has experience in working with people with brain injury.

    •Medication. To combat anxiety or depression, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications may be prescribed.

  • blackcat64013, I totally agree with you. I too think this is what happened. Great advice coming from someone who has gone through post-concussion syndrome. I learned a lot from your response. Thank you for sharing. This will definitely help others. x

  • Accupunture is really good for headaches

  • Really does it help?

  • I used it for other problems it helped my dentist used it cuz she had major migraines it helped her...

  • Alright thankyou guys for all the responds and support you showed towards ... i really appreciate this ... i will go for accupunture ...and will also talk to my doctor about post cocussion syndrome ... lets see what happens now...

    And more importantly i have relaxed myself that there is nothing that serious like a t***r ... Because if it would have been so it would have already shown its symptoms that i dont have any of them like nausea vomiting sezuires diziness ... just the headache ...

  • Hi i have severe headaces in the middle of the night when i wake up & in the morning cñt get out of bed untill pain killers kick in thats if thay work also at the end of the day sometimes i can have them for days at a time, my gp says thay prob anxiey & left it at that.

  • 19malpas, Pain killers?? Is that an everyday thing? Believe me from someone who suffered both Migraines and Tension Headaches for years, pain medication is not the way to go. After a while they are no longer effective as well as may be causing you to have rebound headaches. There are other modalities out there to use in controlling headache frequency as well as medication that work on reducing the number of headaches as well.

    It's the worse, I understand. Anxiety can not only cause them but keep them going. Understanding what kind of headaches you are dealing with can be determined by a Neurologist who specializes in headache control. I wish you well and hope you find an answer. My best

  • Hi I've been to see a neurologist a few years ago the tab he gave me dñt really help so i stopped taking then, I've tryed not taking any pain killers & thay still the same, i only take them in a morning thay take the edge off. I suffer with G A D. I think it might be the antidepressants I'm my psy wñts me to change them but to frightened to thay not helping me anymore told him I'll think about it. Thanks for careing.

  • Always.....

  • My friend gets constant severe headaches. It's caused by a nerve that runs from her eye socket all the way over her head and down her neck to her shoulder. She gets it massaged which relieves the pain but it always comes back. If your MRI and ct scans are normal it's definitely not a tumour they would 100% be able to see it

  • I did not had an mri but i did a ct scan which came normal .. i have no other symptoms except these constant headaches which really irritates me all over the day .... For a tumor 2 months are enough to show any kind of symptoms ..but nothing is there except this headache .... it isnt that severe .... just moderate and constant .... still what do you guys think about an mri ... should i have it done ?

  • If it eases your anxiety and they're offering for you to have it done then yes, go and get the MRI done. But if the ct scan has come back normal then so will your MRI. People get headaches, could be a tension headache. There are 100 things that cause constant headaches

  • My gp doesnt wants me to go for an mri he said that you have the problems with your nerves and there is no other main issue and more importantly you have severe anxiety ..... i even have stiff neck with the headaches

  • My pain is mild in the morning and varies to moderate during the day

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