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Anxious health anxiety exercise .. : let's share :)


I'm relaxing or trying to, & here I am on Google. Then , I get off google & sit ..listening to relaxing music but my thoughts are anxious & are making me frustrated . I'm relieved this bump is freakin healed now . But , I'm still replaying things &/or thinking of a million health issues I think is similar to what I've gone through. I will stub my toe , that's fine , but oddly enough ..if I see bumps on my stomach , I'll think I have a skin condition .

I went on a forum & saw this exercise . l be helpful for others to overcome this anxiety & be more calm could get you anxious even writing it ( trust me , I know how anxiety, health anxiety ..all of that works ) because once you write it, you think about it, it's issues , & think do you have it, did you ..etc,. but let's try to have fun a bit & participate ..share.. then you'll see how annoying anxiety is.

Ok. The exercise is as follows:

I'll say ....hmm maybe 3 scenarios in this order.

A. The symptoms I was having ( yes you can date the time frame in which this occurred)

B. What you thought you had.

C. When you finally saw dr , or went to clinic , what THEY not only said , but found out through exams ..the ACTUAL issue you dealt with

Bonus one D. How it made you feel knowing what was the case vs. what YOU thought ..& how do you deal with your health anxiety since that ordeal , have things gotten better or anxiety still drives you nuts .

**You can write up to three scenarios where your health anxiety was driving you nuts ..doesn't have to be exactly 3 lol


#1 ( this was maybe months ago)

A. I had a definite panic attack in my mom's office . My arm was tingling , hands were shaky, hyperventilating , palps, calves were tense & felt tingly pain in my neck ..walking slow purposely , (I was panicky )

All of these issues came after the panic attack & I calmed down , by the way.

B. I was thinking it was MS or something like Parkinson's . Like legit thought this ..on my way to the clinic. I was beyond anxious at the mere thought .

C. The ppl at the clinic, Dr's..did tests all day on me ..whatever exams you could think of & blood & urine tests. Well, everything came back negative & it was looking like anxiety was the answer . My exams were beautiful ( & I quote ) lol I'm fine .." so I sit there like , well I had anxiety before ? I doubted it but it was surely that, I got calm & the issues went away.

D. My health anxiety since that was pretty chill .. It comes in waves ..depending upon what is annoying me . Ex, I bump my elbow , whatever... My temples ache & I run to google lol .

#2 (months ago)

A. Got sore throat, lymph node in neck was acting up .. then later around mom's day weekend..I get nausea appetite is like that of a baby ( I usually eat like a man lol) , my pelvis aches , back ..etc.

B. I thought I had maybe the flu then my sore throat went away , the nausea , diarrhea , pelvic pain , ...well I wasn't sure , I thought food poisoning , or gastritis .

C. I went to one clinic but based on the records of me coming to them for similar issues & it turned out to only be anxiety , they didn't believe my stomach issues & almost refused to take me anywhere , one clinic said I was fine , NEVER gave me thorough exam ..only said I was dehydrated . That was one issue I left out on B. Sry :/ lol anyways , I got discharged , still felt like crap &went to the clinic close to my place ..they did thorough exams & tests & I had colitis :/ . Put on antibiotics & it cleared up ..I did get a couple uti's after , as you know the antibiotics wipe out good bacteria too lol but yeah that was ridiculous . I was anxious infinity ..but glad that someone cared to actually look at me & find the issue & treat it.

D . This scenario is what put my health anxiety on some other platform . I even forget I have general anxiety lol I worry about my health 24/7 , after this incident .

Well, i want you guys to be as expressive as you'd like , not forcing anything lol but this'll maybe assist in bringing some calm to you all & see how anxiety does mess with us . Lol

Oh ( it's the Virgo in me but I made an error on the second paragraph , I meant to say * I think it would be more helpful for others ...." ) lol

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I think you know that when you have Health anxiety the worse thing you could do is on on Google it is our worse enemy , try wearing an elastic band around your wrist and when you get the urge give it a flick and see if that will stop you because while ever you keep going on there all the common sense in the world will not help because Google will just feed your weakness being your Health Anxiety

Take Care x

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So true I'm the same every symptom I have I read up on I'm a nightmare constant worry my life's ruined

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I have been there and read up just like you but after putting myself through so much pain I started to listen and slowly stopped looking , don't get me wrong I get tempted but I tell myself that Google only ever reports the worse scenarios , it does not have my medical records and cannot examine me like my own Doctor so as my Doctor once said are you going to believe me or would you like to swap Google for your new Doctor , I decided to stick with my own Doctor :-/ x

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Lol that's great ..nice thing your primary dr said . I agree .. You look up anything on Google & you have anxiety afterwards like all day :/ . But yes , as I am tempted I may have to remind myself to not look & consult with my dr , if I have questions


Honest I've been bad for seven year I don't go any were its awful I get jealous of all my mates shopping etc. And I think why can't I be like them it's not fair some days I feel like ripping me hair out lol I laugh about it now because I feel okay for now I dread waking up because when I do wake up that's it my anxiety starts before I get out of bed and the room spins I feel funny walking I start running can't sit still


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