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About 3 months ago I started getting a feeling in my chest stomache and throat like a lump going up and down thought it might be like a heartburn thing going on x eventually I went to doctors and he said I had acid reflux I wasn't sure on that really x but tried 3 lots of tablets which every one made me feel ill and worse and anxiety was really getting bad with me I never really suffered with anxiety x had a couple a panic attacks before but not every day perhaps 3 a year x but since I started taking these tablets anxiety is a every day thing with me now x I'm trying to tell my brain I need to stop worrying so much what else can be wrong as I have had heart test blood tests thyroid test etc all come back ok x so looks like it anxiety maybe. but why this started I really don't know x only noticed it more after taking these tablets doctor started me on x but I have stopped all of them now and just trying to deal with this myself some how x

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Hello & Welcome :-)

Sounds like acid reflux it does give you that lump sensation

Have yo kept a diary if certain foods make it worse this can be most helpful as we can then avoid them

It also sounds like the meds were making you worse , I have suffered with acid reflux and still do and I also find the meds one particular one called Lanzoporal made me feel very anxious , there are other ones you can try though and there could be one that would suite you if you feel up to keep going back to the Doctors and asking

Sometimes anxiety can creep up on us from no where , the slightest thing can trigger it of in some people and can happen to anyone but I hope now you have found somewhere to come and talk and realize you are not on your own this will help a little :-)

Take Care x


Thank you Steve for that link you sent me X very interesting X

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Hope so steve x never had to experience this before x don't like it very much I've always been very bubble and confident person x unbelievable how this makes you feel x you take care yourself as well x


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