Anxiety.....Is It?

Hi. I am struggling with symptoms which Dr says are anxiety. It started around two weeks ago when I felt like I had something stuck in my throat, chest, back pain & the feeling of constriction or being strangled! Dr gave me Omeprazole to try for one month, did an ECG which was fine apart from slow R wave? I am not worried about my heart or lungs but my body is in pain and I am struggling with 'golf ball feeling stuck in throat? I noticed it a little over Xmas time when I had a kidney infection but ignored it.

I went back to GPs last week & Dr said it's anxiety & prescribed Beta Blockers which I am taking but on a lower dose than she prescribed as they make me feel so exhausted & numb.

I still have back pain & throat issue but no where near as bad but my body hurts all over even my ribs hurt to touch but not sure if anxiety can do this? Not sure if I should go to GP again or let it fight this feeling?

Any help/advice appreciated. Thank you.


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11 Replies

  • Wow im surprised ur doc put u on beta blockers because of that, pill happy and too inclined to put it down to anxiety. If the feeling in ur throat keeps up go back and ask to have a camera down, i had that before and it was a polyp which has since cleared by itself.. Could well be something as simple as that. The thing is, we get physical symptoms, and end up with anxiety because we dont know what it is. But im so suprised u are on beta blockers. Did you have a high heart rate?

  • Hi.

    No my heart rate was fine, I have low BP too! Very healthy until this sensation started! She told me to go back in one month as they wanted to see if Omeprazole & now the Beta Blockers are working? Had full bloods done in Jan & all were normal, GP not concerned as says it's anxiety?

  • Im no doctor, just speaking from experience, personally i would ask for a camera down if it keeps up

  • Hi 1995. I am sorry to hear you are struggling. I am glad you saw your GP, and happy to hear they took your symptoms seriously and checked for any related medical health condition, before thinking it was 'all anxiety' related..

    Too many doctors -particularly neurologists- in the abscence of being able to find a diagnosis to fit the symptoms, think its depression, or all related to anxiety.. even when it isn't..or it is more than that!

    Anxiety can occur with a health problem, or because of one.It can be stress related, or anxiety can be its own condition..

    Anxiety can cause physical symptoms, the throat effect you describe can be due to it, but that can also be a symptom connected to other condition..The body pain, ribs etc can also be anxiety, but also because of something else..

    I have fibromyalgia which has those and other symptoms..I would suggest going back to GP if your physical symptoms persist, or you get other new symptoms.. Fibromyalgia and many other conditions of a similar nature - I also have hypermobility- are difficult to diagnose, as there are often no blood tests to confirm a diagnosis and it must be done from clinical diagnosis..

    If you do suffer with anxiety and these symptoms are new, definitely pursue the other 'possible health condition' route...If your anxiety is new, consider what this may be because of and look at getting the help and support you need. Mindfulness and meditation. CBT. There are many books, cd's and online courses.

    very best wishes x

    Feel free to message me if you think I could help 🙂

  • Hi thank you so much for your message. Yes I agree with you. My symptoms are very new. I have had lots of stressful situations going on especially over Xmas & I think I cope externally but internally my mind is in overdrive. I am well apart from these symptoms & Dr is not concerned as bloods were done in Jan, ECG & physical exam last week so hoping it gets better. I have lost a couple of pounds but think it's the worry & not sleeping that has not helped! The throat sensation def gets better when I take the Beta Blockers although they make me feel exhausted! I will try the links you have sent me as I recognise my symptoms increase when I think about them. Googling them terrified me & I did mention this to my Dr who told me they have no concerns & will see me in ine month.

    Thank you so much for your help, it's been very useful.

  • Good luck and very best wishes xx

  • Hi 1995, you're the fourth person on this forum this month with the lump in the throat problem and I'll tell you what I told them. I had the same problem 20 years ago, I had what's called a barium meal, they give you something to drink and then do a scan. They found nothing but I worked out what it was, it's a symptom of anxiety disorder called Globus Hystericus. So you don't have to worry on that score (once I discovered what it was I stopped worrying about it and it went).

    As for your back pain that still persists, is this a return of the kidney infection? Sounds similar to me.

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I have heard if this. So true as the more I thought about it the worse it got. Anxiety causes awful issues which seem so scary!

  • I am going thru something similar I got so bad I couldn't eat so I went to g.I doc. And done a scope and he said a lot of people with anxiety . Have to have a dilated esophagus because they keep all there muscles so tight well I had some issues with the whole thing

  • Yes thank you, Can totally relate to that.

  • Me to and I hate it it's like I am starting to feel like me again I have a job interview Tomorrow. And I haven't worked since this episode started So I know I am getting close to the end I am wanting to do things again that I used to do but at the same time I feel my self holding back from fear but I am getting over all this even if I have to take one hour at a time I really want this job please pray for me

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