Anxiety for the first time in London....I feel lost and scared. How do you guys cope?

Hello there. This September I'll have lived in London for two years. It's been a tough haul. Lately I've had a very high heart rate which has triggered a very bad patch of anxiety. I'm on prozac now three weeks and beta blockers about two. I'm very scared of my high heart rate but I try to monitor it to see if there's improvement from the beya blockers and this sometimes causes me more anxiety. I'm afraid of having to take time off work over here. I have little savings and myself and my partner pay a ridiculous rent, like everyone else in london. I see a counsellor once a week. Overall I'm nervous about my health and having to take time off work with no monetaey support. Can anyone relate? Thank you, Grace Xx


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  • I don't think I could live in London. Too big not friendly enough too pricey from what I been told by people who lived there. I had friends from London. I have stayed with them. Some born there.. So I can understand your frustration with it. Nice place to visit not a place for me to live. I would find it hard to live in any city that huge. I take it you came from another country to live there? Your partner your job or something. Is it feasible for you both to move further out and commute it is that not an option.

  • Hey there! Yeah we moved from Ireland. I dunno it could be? I'm just trying to get through the worst of the anxiety right now so moving isn't really on my list of things to do. I guess I'm looking for advice on coping day to day with this.

  • HI there! Thanks for explaining well moving only adds more anxiety I always find! I'm in the process of tidying my house and yes it's anxiety causing isn't it?

    Well lets see is there any place nice to go for a walk near where you live? That helps me clear my head and calm down. I'm fortunate I live near a massive park and a massive old cemetery which are nice places to walk.

    Or if that's not an option how about a hobby too enjoy? Like creative or anything fun or relaxing.

    Also what about learning to meditate and you don't have to be religious and you can do that in lots of ways like I have ADHD and I do it by listening to a song or reading a familiar book or looking at artwork.

    Just deas for you. Oh and I also breath and cling my breaths to five my doctor taught me to do that. Nice deep breaths to calm.

    I hope that's giving you some ideas. 😊 And you can't do wrong with talking to a friend if you can too.

  • Thank you kindly, that is loads of ideas for me 😊 Thank you for taking the time to share them! I used to like to paint a lot so I might try to do it again. I used to find it good for clearing my head!

  • Your welcome😊Oh yes art is good glad you enjoy yoor painting and are thinking to start again. I'm off to do some art myself.😊

  • hi Grace

    i suffer from a high pulse rate becuase of my aniexty...i thought i was having a heart attack and when the paramedics came it was 158....luckly all was ok and it was all down to anxiety...later that afternoon my doctor put me in beta blockers to take only when i feel my aniexty is getting bad....i was told not to keep checking my pulse because your start to panic it could be high therefore making your heart faster...i know how you feel about work i was signed off for 2 weeks last month it was great that I didn't have to deal with my anxiety at work but then being at home would make it worse to much time to think...i hope seeing a counsellor is helping you x

  • Thanks Francesca!!! Thanks for sharing your story with me, it's helped me to cope with my own anxiety 😊 Seeing the counsellor is good alright, I think I'll keep seeing her until I feel my anxiety has passed!!! Thanks again 😊

  • I lived in West Kensington and worked in advertising once, hmmm London. It burnt me out real quickly. Get out of there.

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