Dizzy, faint feeling

I notice that everyone's symptoms are different, but I'm particularly interested if you feel dizzy or faint.

I'm a 27 year old personal trainer and have eaten clean and workedout my whole life. I am being considered for the lead trainer position at my gym and guess who had to take the rest of the week off due to anxiety.. Me.

How can I go on if I feel like I'm going to just faint. It feels like low blood pressure or something, because I'll check my pulse -been doing that a lot lately- and my HR will be at 120 just from walking across the room. I have been just about bed ridden because I feel like I'm always about to pass out.

HOW, can I go on? Not bragging, but I'm brilliant and a hard worker. I've always gotten a lead role wherever I've worked, by the grace of God, but now.. I feel so small, so weak. My 80 year old grandma can do more than me when I'm having these attacks. They're about 24/7 now. I feel this way all the time for about the last 2 weeks solid.

Does anyone else feel this way? Any coping ideas? I look at myself and see a sick lion. I was always the go getter. I was always, because I work my butt off, I have nice things and I want to destroy them all because now I feel defeated. For the first time, I feel defeated. I literally am waiving my white flag.

Sorry for the depressive tone, I always want to help people and uplift, but there's a reason I'm typing this now.

When I feel better, I can look back and others can look back and see and assimilate and go, "wow, here's someone that has what I have, here's someone that was at their last straw and had nothing left, and here they are today, victorious over the death grip of anxiety."

Today, I give it all to You, God. I give it all. I have nothing left inside me. Make this sinner whole, make all these people whole. All you have to do is merely speak the word. I know heat and stress temper steel. Thank you for my struggles. In Jesus' name, amen.

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  • Hang in there don't give up, it's not easy I know but you can't give up now, you've come too far and are too good to let something like anxiety defeat you, you can do this

  • Thank you very much, Alan. I appreciate the kind words

  • Anytime man

  • Hey rockster321, when I get my attacks and sometimes even when I am not having an attack, I feel light headed or dizzy. I can feel my heart beating so fast and I am just sitting down. I understand you feeling down. It gets to me too. BUT then I speak to our heavenly Father and ask him to send me peace and comfort. I ask him to help us all. This I ask in all honor, glory, and praise to his name, Yeshua Hamashiach

  • Thank you, i gave up last night and something amazing happened.

  • Hi. Sorry you are having a bad time. I go thru these horrid times too. Then I do well for a couple months then bam right back in that dark place again. I have struggled with heart palps, dizziness, including bouts of vertigo, weak and faint feelings most of my life. I have fainted about six times and that was so scared I developed a fear of it. I carry ammonia capsules everywhere I go.....just in case. I've had all the tests over the years...anxiety. Hate that feeling and I will pray that today us a better day for you. Be strong...I can do all things through Christ, who gives me strength...keep going, don't stop. You can do that job. Positive self talk. Get some ammonia capsules and keep in in your pocket, just for support. God Bless..

  • Thank you for the words of encouragement. Something happened last night after my low point and I feel great.

  • I am so sorry you feel this way. I will pray for you. I been through the same thing. Maybe you should get tested for toxins in your blood, for example, mercury. Do youu have low iron. Potassium, magnesium, B are D ? It happens to the best of us sometimes. You could also be allergic to something yo are eeating. Do you think you need electrolytes? We have to be proactive and do our own research sometimes, because some doctors want go that far. I don't like taking medicines because of all the side effects, but in this situation, I felt like I had no choice, but I now take a lot of organic vitamins. I hope you get well real soon.

  • Thank you, I have had those tests and all are 0 except for a couple.

    I am better now, thank you

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